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Definitive ranking list of the Olympic rings: #4 Olympic ring

Feb 9, 2014 by pablito
imageThe Olympic ring that falls in 4th place is...

Blue ring.

1) You're not even attached to anything but the yellow ring. If you were so important, you wouldn't be on the end would you? You think your friends will stand up for you? Just wait until the yellow ring disowns you and then where will you be? Yeah, think about that.

2) Prior to 1951 the rings were supposed to represent different continents. Black for Africa, Red for the Americas, Yellow for Asia, Green for Oceania and Blue for Europe. So basically in other words, Blue ring is the one given to the only non racist connotation. Good on you Olympics handbook writers. Seriously, and you had to put the blue one first. Because the Olympics are never racist.

3) It looks like a water ring stain. And if you live in my house, you use coasters. Condensation damage is not fun.

So this is why the Blue ring fell in fourth place.

#5: Red Ring


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