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Tengaged Song Contest 146 Jury invitation

Nov 8, 2013 by pablito
imageYour post in the sign-up thread is what brings me to sending you this mail. If you check the group, you'll see we just started TSC146! Being that you haven't voted in the last contest, I didn't send you an invitation for TSC146. It is required for all contestants (even veterans) to participate in the jury during the contest prior to being able to send in a song.

I'd like to consider this mail, my invitation to you for TSC147! In order to participate in TSC147, you must vote in the previous edition of TSC aka TSC146, which as stated earlier, is ON-GOING NOW! We do this, so you can get a feel for how the group works instead of throwing you blindly into the group.

TSC is a weekly contest that often requires a minimum of 2 hours to listen to all songs in full. If you don't feel that you can meet this responsibility, this group game may not be for you. Please notify me ASAP if you do not intend to participate. If you do feel that you can meet this responsibility, then you will be joining the longest-running group game to discover new music!

So here's what I'd like you to do:
-Listen IN FULL to the songs in the Finals thread.
-Send me your votes:
- The voting system used in the Contest is the same one used in the Eurovision Song Contest. Contestants award a set of points to their favorite 10 songs.
Favorite song - 12 points
2nd place - 10 points
3rd place - 8 points
4th place - 7 points
5th place - 6 points
6th place - 5 points
7th place - 4 points
8th place - 3 points
9th place - 2 points
10th place - 1 point

-You can send in your votes three different ways THIS TIME:
use this link!:
skype me!: ricowac
email me!:

-You have until Sunday 4pm GMT (11am EST) to PM/send me your votes/rankings. You may not tell anyone else about how you voted (publicly or privately). You are not required to comment on the songs as a jury member, but are welcome to do so if you'd like. If you participate next time you would be required to comment.

-Please reply ASAP if you plan on voting so that I can get a final count on how many votes I should be expecting. If you do not plan on voting or would not be able to do so prior to deadline, please notify me as well as there currently is a waitlist to join.

-GET READY TO HAVE SOME FUN! Time to discover new music!




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