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5thNov 13, 2017 by anthousai
for an honest opinion bc a bitch is bored??

YasGaga I don't really know you but I know you're in stars and ur avi is hot. but it looks like ur  taste in music is 10/10 and I think you like alyssa edwards so you're automatically a queen

@Mickiejames22 I don't really know you either but I always see ur blogs about charlie day and I just wanna know if thats really ur baby daddy

@Gypsy40 idk you and we might've played frooks together before but you seem nice!!

tennisplayer963 ahh also don't know but I've seen you in stars before and you seem chill I guess??

Vlad21 im v hurt you took #vlista out of ur bio, you and nichole always fight over me its time to end the feud (i choose nichole). you're mad bc you're not my #1 but ily

@Wade03 I don't really know you but I know a lot of people don't like you lmao

maturo ur stars vlog had me cackling you're iconic. ty for everything you're a v good friend dudebro

aria_grande I feel like I see you everywhere on this site but I still really don't know u! we should talk more girl

XxLoveWakizaxX you're one of the most iconic bitches on this site and I luh playing frooks with u <3 your blogs never fail to make me laugh and I'm glad I met u boo

GoodKaren I dont really know you but I've seen you around a lot and I know you're friends with paige. also you seem super sweet!!

aes222aes u guessed my sexuality wrong on ur blog but its okay also you're a fan of riverdale which makes you iconic yesss

Brayden_ my fave the 100 fan!! you're v nice and funny and you stan octavia which is a plus but we need to get you on the bellarke train

Kaylabby you're v sweet and v pretty! we should talk more girl

ChubbyHuggs we were in the same frat a couple of months ago and used to make a p good team in frooks. you're v nice but I don't see you around much anymore

Arris I don't know you but you look like you have potential to be iconic

DrG2 I don't really know you but the loveita gifs in ur bio are iconic and ur avi's background is so cute

Temeky you were in the first rooks I've ever played! you're so nice and I hope you make it far in stars :)

Path we used to be friends but for some reason we're not now and it kind of sucks lol

BengalBoy we've never really talked but you're highkey iconic??

JustMe I feel like I always see you around on here but I don't really know much about you!!

ghrocky100 you seem nice, I've seen u in stars and I think I saw your vlog where u offered to cover any song, that was iconic I give you props for that man

TaraG tara!! you're so sweet and I love playing frooks w you <3 we're always robbed bc we're queens #tragic

djkap I don't know you we might've played frooks together once lol

rfkfdr I feel like I know you from something but im not sure, you seem nice tho

eliserose girl you are so pretty wtf. we've never really talked but you seem super nice and funny as hell

Brandt69 tbh I don't really know you we might've played frooks once??

spikedcurley Greg!! one of the nicest people on this website tbh, you're so sweet and I love playing frooks w you <3

Hisoka u wanted a paragraph but I'm lazy oops we met in a frooks and u asked if Anthousai was Spanish and thus began the start of an iconic friendship. sometimes you're mean and call me a hag?? but it's okay bc you're 0/10 you're the only person I enjoy calling on this website so feel honored ily I guess

XxDjBeLLxX idk you but I love ur jessica dress!!

#dwipeouts you called me a whore in my mail and im so confused

BklynTracey queen! love playing frooks with you, its always a fun time. we're p iconic


idk u but me
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Me mom
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aw thanks anthousai! we can talk whenever you want ;)
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Hook me up Krista :)
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