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im cryingvote Feb 20, 2019
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♡ nichole | nichole98 Jan 21, 2019
bcus i need health if idk u i'll probably rate ur avi

#Maxi1234 - i feel like we've never talked but you're a king and i stan you ! king of insta like i'm so jealous of how poppin ur theme is u should be a model what are you doing on here sis? i think u have good music taste i dont remember but hmu anytime !

#Trust - a real girl with the ugliest cheapest fakest weave i've ever seen. u are extremely jealous of me but thanks for dragging my dead weight in vivor for a few merges i will be sure to not floor it at u full speed x applies zachariahs lipstick for him

#bearface - tanner u are a bean and i have to publicly reject you and hide our love from garrie so you don't break up our marriage. i stan ur soundcloud music career choices i hope you pop off and are the next blackbear xo

#skyler1822 - i don't know you but i feel like ur a real girl are u a real girl? if so hi sis your avi is super cute im stanning the millennial pink retro turtleneck other than that i don't really know much about u :-( hmu anytime hun

#lexeyjane - i don't really know you sis but i think you had a thing w maturo ! you popped off on here and u seem like a nice girl

#Typhlosion37 - wow hey we played one stars together almost a year ago when you got locked out of ur account and you were very persistent to say the least..! gotta give you an A for effort we haven't talked since then but you're a nice boy

#CrimsonEnnui - i definitely feel like you used to not like me at one point i don't remember but hey! your TG celebrity big brother is kind of iconic and we've never really talked until recently but you seem like a super nice person dont be afraid to mail me whenever i only bite on tuesdays

#Cheeseman2468 - glad i met ya in stars you're a super nice bean and im sorry for ever splitting on u..! you're v sweet and im sorry im awful at replying on skype but hope we can chat more in the future x

#mbarnish1 - we've never talked but ty for saving me in stars that one time LOL..! you asked me to add you and then deleted me a couple of days later :-( regardless u seem like a nice boy wish u the best

#RoseMaria - ok i just met you but you're a legend and we were extremely robbed in vivor :( we have some of the same friends and you radiate that bitch energy so hmu anytime sis lets join vivor together again and scalp fighterman x

#brayden_ - u are pissing me the fuck off slutshaming ari rn BUT DESPITE THAT i don't know how we became friends bc we have different opinions on literally..everything! but i think we can both agree that i am the positive, funny role model that u needed in ur life :-) bellarke is endgame, blackbear is god, kristen stewart is trash x

#allieboballie - so glad i met you in neg finn sister i hope 2019 is ur year to find love or i'll personally call abc to make u the bachelorette..! u are a gorg, funny, sweet girl keep shining bt also give me ur panera card x

#bengalboy - would u look at that its a wild bendyboy! glad i fell for bengalboys shit because now we are late night banter buddies with our own language nd inside jokes ;-) ur a good boy who deserves a tickle on the chin and a 4/10 includes 13 absences DAM muscular british womanizer with deflated biceps x 

#itsalexia - does not know why u didn't like me before LOL but hey we've only talked like once and u seem like a nice boy i don't know too much abt you i only know who you're friends with and u always have a cute avi but hmu anytime x

#spikedcurley - greg! i say this every time but ur honestly the nicest person on here despite u being a frookies addict..! probably one of the ppl ive been friends w longest our snap streak is so strong and ur such a bean of positivity with ur random messages ly <3

#JonMcgillis - i don't really know you but wOaH u must be wearing a whole lot of camo because all i see is a pair of floating glasses..! sorry tht was a bad joke but we've never talked so i dont know much about ya x

#ghrocky100 - i know that you hosted that (survivor??) org and i think you're an org player but i'm not sure ! u seem like a nice person i don't think we've ever interacted before tho but shoot me a mail anytime x

#darbe - you're such an iconic bean who i stan even though we've talked like a total of one time! i remember we were on a group call once and u are BRITISH and i think u told me ur deepest darkest tg secret that same day but like u r so nice and funny heart x

#melindaMrskk - callum sister! i used to think u were a real girl crying but love u the most i miss you and i miss when we used to fuck up frooks tg you are truly one bad bitch and i STAN <3

birks4444 - wow I remember playing frookies with you a long time ago when you were either new or just had a default avi those days were iconic and messy but we haven't talked in a rly long time! still remember you're a super sweet person hmu anytime hun

fighterman - you are trash honestly how dare u put ur name after knowing what u did to me :-( im launching a serious investigation against u and ur "broken" keyboard bcus i think u are just using this for ATTENTION. i guess ur nice when u r not hurting me but know tht im coming back to drown u hehe x

Runaway - ur user sounds familiar but i don't think i know who u are :-( we can talk anytime tho sorry this was a very vanilla opinion x

gigi10 - aw u are absolutely disgusting :-) ur my dumber, uglier, vanilla brother i rly do not know how u survived all these years without me..! i gave u 7th in stars and u would just not leave me alone ever since ur the biggest whore ik and my biggest bully but u have good music taste i guess u r liz and i am wayne dont forget that x

dash - i don't really know who u are but im crying at the gif on ur profile is that from animal crossing i fucking love that game u have to be cool if u play animal crossing so theres that x

ak73 - interesting how both times we've played vivor together u played a part in my death hm. first u do not check skype to change ur vote and now u r just voting me out i cant take it forgives but i dont forget >:-) but u have good music taste too i GUESS heres to flooring it x

cfff - aw i remember playing stars tg and we never worked tg but i think you're a super sweet person u totally ended my life in a poll LOL we haven't talked since then but hope u r doing well x

lemjam6 - u got that right

XxLoveWakizaxX - sis you know ily you were the first person who helped me in frooks ever and we were always so loyal ! me, you and nichole had the most iconic sluts alliance and i was so sad u went so early in stars bc u r so real and just overall that iconic bitch <3

willie_ - UR OPINION OF ME WAS UR FAVORITE CRAB GIF ONE DAY AND LIKE IS THAT HOW WE BECAME FRIENDS IDK our snap streak is so strong you are the king of FLOORING IT..! remember when u were winning the vivor draft until the last day i have to laugh but ur car is the baddest bitch and i will be seeing u on the neg finn cruise pls buy my alcohol ly x

Thumper91 - you’re such a sweet real girl and probably one of the nicest people on here ! I don’t think we’ve ever really talked but everyone loves u you’re an icon keep doing you sis x

Streamxx - your name is like so familiar but I don’t rly know much about you other than ur a blue level :-( ur avi is popping I will give you that you are glowing hun shoot me a mail whenever x

Arris - i know who u are and I know about u but I have no idea anything about u :-( you seem like a genuinely nice person and ik a lot of people on here like you so there’s that and we might be in some random skype gc together but idk I’m sure u r a nice boy x

Kaylabby - we like used to have each other added but we never really talked and I think I follow u on ig ?? you seem like a nice girl idk why some people don’t like ya for no reason but hmu whenever hun x

Funkybike1 - heck ya free health for everyone!! honestly do not really know who u are but I am living for ur spooky avi kind of looks like if green lantern died you’re also a purple level and that’s my fav color so ur probably p cool x

bigbrotherlover7 - I remember playing like some hungers w you a while back and you were so nice and iconic and we just kinda clicked ! we haven’t talked in 5ever but you’re a cool dude hope u r doing well :-) x

J2999 - James u are so genuinely sweet and such a bean ! i remember when we would play frooks and not like each other LOL u would kick my ass in comps sad but so glad we got over that x u always send me the nicest shit when I’m in stars or something and ur just a good person <3

Matte - definitely feel like we’ve played a game or smthn together before but I do not remember :-( ur user sounds familiar and ur avi is cute but I dnt really know u I’m sure ur a cool dude 🤠

KingB24 - this is the first time I feel like I’ve ever heard ur username even tho ur in like the top 100 it’s not u it’s me but hey! don’t really know ya but I see that you’re in stars so wishing u the best of luck buddy bc lord knows stars is draining x

violets - sister our first interaction was that stars where we did not speak a single word to each other and u got 16th but so glad I now know u are a beautiful real girl who is not to be messed with x I will be finding a way to get back on ur tribe so we can rise to the top know THAT 💄

jadennator1 - another queen of neg finn sister you are so pretty, fun and iconic and u know the pain of not looking ur age too..! I feel like we stan a lot of the same things like spn, youtubers, etc?? if why don’t we comes to ny I promise I’ll go for u and I hope u do the same for tiny meat gang ly sis x

TaurusMoon - i feel like i know who u are but idk if this is one of ur accounts but hey! u messaged me the other day abt my moon sign and were disappointed when i told u my rising sign was scorpio :-( im assuming u like astrology which makes u auto-cool and u seem v nice! x

Sk8ergal - heard u r the proud lesbian and member of rainbow lake ! i don't know much abt you we've never talked but every time i see ur name i think of like 2007 avril lavigne skater boy days but u seem sweet !

EmzThorne - not gonna lie i used to think u were just maxi's multi??? i feel like u used to have another acc too did u idk but your avi is hot as f*ck sister and you're in stars so gl with that u seem iconic *slides u a xan* x

jdog - we got so close during that stars in like a day nd told each other all our secrets staying up til 5 am dc's on call w the other ugly was my actual fave. our snap streak is so strong nd we dont talk a lot anymore but we r still totally meeting up ur such a king ly jdaddy <3

smuguy2012 - i remember we played like one stars tg and i think we r okay?? every time i used to join hunger u just did not like me but i think ur a nice dude we haven't talked in a long time x

Rocketokid13 - screams you tried to get me and other girls to join ur org so hard and said some of the most bizarre shit LOL but u r such a nice person and our snap streak is going strong i hope everything goes well w ur org hmu anytime x

Jenna2010 - we played a stars together a while ago and i think that was the only time we ever interacted and even then we didn't really talk talk but i still think you're such a kind, genuine person x

Burgerman2929292 - do not really know who u are and typing out ur username was just not a bop! ive heard of u and i think ur like a frookies player but cant be sure. u seem like a nice dude i just hope u r eating veggie burgers and not beef burgers #savetheplanet :-)

thiagobona - i have never heard of u holy moly ur a skeleton and it looks like u took an 8 year break??? i mean welcome back sis i just dk you im sure ur nice and im *dying* for ur look (waits for every1 to laugh) x
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♡ luis | _adidas_ Jan 12, 2019
hellooooo gays and gals its ur least favorite white girl back one last time! i made finals for the first time ever and am shook to the core to say the least. i've said it a million times but i truly have worked my ass off this game so without further ado:

- coming into this game I was scared because im not the most known person and in this cast you had a koolness234, a hash, a damo1990 and somehow I was able to navigate around that. Seeing sandy scared me because I knew how good at the game he was and what happened last time so I had to find a way to make sure that didn’t happen again.

- day 1 I came in with somewhat of a target on my back because brayden is clearly my number 2 friend. also people out of the game were telling other ppl in the cast to nom me as soon as the game filled wild. despite this, i tried to connect with everyone early on and never throw a name out the first few dc's.

- day 3 I was countered with Brayden and didn’t go up unfortunately I lost a side bitch

- day 4 I was able to flip the house and get the set Koolness and Cheese up when josh was trying to get me up. after this I was in both of their good graces.

- day 7 fought my ass off to not go up resulting in Keyston/math split

- day 8 fought my ass off even harder to not go up and pushed hard for Oli to go up, which he did after countering me 3 times.

- day 10 I was put up there was no way I wasn’t finally gracing the block but I did everything to make sure I didn’t go up with damo as planned because that would be the end of my game.

- the very last dc I had to break promises and lock in damo and keyston or i wouldn't be here right now.

- I fucked a lot of people over to get here but I was never disloyal to my couple of friends. And that was a common theme, if I did fuck someone over but was honest about it, I was back in their good graces almost immediately.


shout out to:
@the entirety of neg finn
nichole98 and _adidas_ my actual hype sisters during this game
brayden_ u r the 10% of brain cells to my 90%
willie_ king of FLOORING IT
spikedcurley a bean who never let me give up
gigi10 my uglier half
jdog & iybf kings of my heart
garrievans97 MY FIANCEE ♡
allieboballie queen of neg finn
fighterman ur keyboard isnt broken
trust slut with fake hair
cheeseman2468 such a helpful bean
cocoabean loyal king queens of survival this is our revival #thegemmaeyes
last but not least bengalboy who had to listen 2 me complain about stars this entire week, gave me 11/10 advice and helped me 2 death the best TMJ DAM PG out there

[13:32:43] dru: as krista's stars advisor
[13:32:47] dru: i'd say she played the best game
[13:32:58] Damo: lmfao krista played well
[13:33:07] dru: hell yeah (highfive)
[13:33:18] Damo: but anytime i tried to offer her genuine deals she was shady as fuck

[1/10/2019 5:28:23 PM] Oli | MrPokeguy: Hun, i seriously hope you or Josh wins this game! OH MY GOD YOU OR DESERVE IT FOR SLAYING!!!!!!!!

[1/9/2019 5:07:24 PM] Cheeseman | Alex: I will say that it's funny that all you have to do is split and you stay off the block even if it got me out lol
[1/9/2019 6:14:28 PM] Cheeseman | Alex:  if you go up im asking for you to be saved which is kinda funny cause I went up because of you but I just can't hate you lol

[1/8/2019 4:51:30 PM] XxLoveWakizaxX: Anyway best of luck and I’ll be rooting for you to make finals love you

[5:02:53 PM] Matt FiFi: This cast has a mental disease only nomming u once honestly if u don’t win it’s a travesty

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♡ brayden | brayden_ Jan 10, 2019
hey gays and gals its ur least favorite white girl back with another incoherent rambling stars vlog (cowboy emoji). after being countered five times they finally got me goodly. i have fought every day to not go up when i was countered and clearly something was working out until td. i may be a hot mess but i'm doing everything and anything i can. this cast is EXHAUSTING but please save me because im not done yet sluts <3 (also i genuinely do not know why it sounds like im on the verge of tears in the last clip im not crying over stars)

thank u to these cutie beans in the poll box so far and to anyone supporting me ily
vlad21 i think
trust can choke
ricktworick1 im a roblox god

Points: 320 30 comments
♡ willie | willie_ Jan 9, 2019
Points: 93 6 comments
♡ garrie | garrievans97 Sep 30, 2018
PYN and I'll tell you what ice cream flavor u are

SharonMaItems - Cherry Vanilla
GoodKaren - sumthin sweet like Cotton Candy
Brayden_ - Chocolate Hazelnut
DanielleDonato - Cookies nd Cream
HaliFord - i imagine me you and haleigh laughing while eating sum Mocha Madness
XxLoveWakizaxX - Honey Salted Caramel Almond
J2999 - Cookie Dough
AllieBoBallie - Mint Chocolate Chip
Batya - Peanut Butter Fudge
Sam_Hamwich - Strawberry
BengalBoy - Rocky Road
RedFabFoxy - Butter Pecan
Amnesia_ - Brownie Batter
pinkiepie512 - Birthday Cake Mix
dandoe - Peanut Butter & Chocolate
Maddog16 - Black Cherry
MinnieMax - Red Velvet
lhooper902976 - Vanilla Coconut
TwoStep - Mango
purplebb4 - Raspberry Chocolate
Magix - Chocolate Cheesecake
Sameed27 - Reese's Peanut Butter Swirl
evergreen - Cappuccino Chocolate Chip and everything else good in this world x
Gigi10 - V a n i l l a
Blitszims - one of those M&M Ice Cream Sandwiches
_Adidas_ - Chunky Monkey for a skinny legend
TJ2807 - Marshmallow S’mores
xMountain22x - Dulce de Leche
Tryphena - Neapolitan
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