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I rly think my blog picvote Aug 15, 2018
completes my page
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Aug 11, 2018
ty all for driving me crazy for 6 days

jdog - what a fucking king I literally loved playing this stars w you thanks to everyone who mixed me into the “premade” when I literally only spoke to u once months ago LMAO the calls til dc were iconic and you’re my winners pick ❤️

Jenna2010 - jenna you’re such a sweetheart and even though we were never really on the same side and barely talked I can tell you’re such a genuine, caring person ❤️

NotAfraid - gabbie when I saw you join I was so happy I thought we could be the iconic real girls and rule the game however somehow we ended up on opposite sides but I still love you as a person you’re such a queen ❤️

smuguy2012 - we didn’t really talk until you thought you were going up and I always thought you hated me for some reason but it was nice to try to work with you for a couple of dc’s ❤️

MBG93 - honestly I felt really bad for splitting on you bc when we talked day 1 I could tell you were such a nice person ❤️

Finnick - on day 1 you were the only person who agreed to be my showmance and I really wanted to stay by your side but it was better for me to stick with other ppl :( I still ly ❤️

Carsonl - we didn’t speak a single word to each other this entire game all I knew was that you were joes friend but I think you’re a p cool dude ❤️

Gigi10 - fifi I owe you an apology in MLA 8 format,, I am sorry for thinking u were cooler and would stay in a poll :) u were my favorite person to talk to probably out of everyone even tho some of ur music opinions are garbage I forgive and forget ty for being a loyal SLUT! ❤️

hints - me when you return from a 150+ day hiatus to go unnommed since 16th,, I used to love giving u therapy but it seems like you have your life together now so that kinda sucks also I think ur the one who broke the streak don’t @ me I also hope you win ❤️

EliotWhi - eliot I wanted to work w you but the odds just weren’t in our favor I think you’re a sweet person and thank u for the cackle when u called me shady as fuck I wish u well sir ❤️

GoodAllan - you were one of my favorites to talk to in the beginning! I think you’re so nice and ur music taste is 10/10 being ur mother for a good 5 seconds and yelling at u was nice but we ended up drifting which sucked I still ly tho ❤️

C00LDUDE1000 - u were kind of messy in an iconic way you were slaying the polls and when u told me u made a set and then only told me one name I kind of died but you’re v nice ❤️

eric_136 - eric I think you’re the person I’ve known longest in this game we go wayy back and I wish you could’ve stayed longer my dude I love slaying games w you and having you as a friend ❤️

anthousai - dumb cunt

maturo - I thought I was doing what I had to do to save my ass and I’m sorry for that I never meant to upset you but u know you’ll always be one of my close buddies ❤️

Violets - literally all I know is that you’re hints’ friend and we were pinned tg as a fake premade ❤️
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Aug 10, 2018
I’m sorry for my disgusting appearance I’ve been walking in the HEAT all day and also for the incohesive, rambling vlog I stopped every time I saw someone walking by bc that shits embar! but anyway,,

I think I deserve to stay because I think I’ve been playing what’s a pretty good game my dudes I rarely found myself on the wrong side of a vote and was never blamed for being the reason a split occurred ( gigi10 sorry ily ) and was able to flip back and forth between the “premade” and Eliot or Joe’s side with minor repercussions

I hope I have your votes to stay because as miss Keisha said I’m a bad bitch u cant kill me ty for your support enemies of wonkru <3
Points: 81 12 comments
Aug 6, 2018
zodiac signs best to worst based on ppl i know
AQUARIUS (my sun nd moon sign)
Scorpio (my rising sign how tragic)
Points: 56 13 comments
BB20 Week 5 Ranking Aug 3, 2018
1. Haleigh (+0)
2. Scottie (+0)
3. Bayleigh
4. Faysal
5. Rachel (+1)
6. Tyler (-1)
7. Rockstar (+0)
8. Brett (+1)
9. Kaycee (-1)
10. Swaggy (+0)
11. Kaitlyn (+0)
12. Steve (+1)
13. JC (+1)
14. Sam (+1)
15. Angela (-4)
16. Winston (+0)

rachel babe i am so sorry for hating you for no reason week 1
Points: 8 2 comments
BB20 Week 4 Ranking Jul 26, 2018
1. Haleigh (+1)
2. Scottie (+1)
3. Faysal (+1)
4. Bayleigh (+2)
5. Tyler (+2)
6. Rachel (+4)
7. Rockstar (-2)
8. Kaycee (+3)
9. Brett (+3)
10. Swaggy (-2)
11. Kaitlyn (-2)
12. Angela (+2)
13. Steve (+0)
14. JC (+1)
15. Sam (-14)
16. Winston (+0)
Points: 27 5 comments