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Pyn for an opinion

11thDec 1, 2021 by Thumper91
peace123 you I really view as my child on here I鈥檓 always here for you and really have loved watching your growth throughout the years. You really are such a great person

roxas546 honestly enjoyed our chats in that castings you seem like a real geniune person and thats hard to find around here for the most part but i do recognize it very much so :)

daddydev you know i love you so much you have been my friend for years and i would do anything for you no matter what i always have your back no matter what and i know that you would do the same for me eveng when we have our disagreements sometimes xD.

abstractjay weve played a few games together but i dont think weve ever talked i could be wrong if i am correct me but like we should talk sometime :D i love to get to know new people.

veigar honestly queen! im pretty sure your the account that use to shake your tits all the time LOL if not i apologize but if so youre so funny and you have always been very nice to me so what an icon you are <3

Booyahhayoob honestly the week i was in stars you were so nice to me even added me to your chat which i like felt pretty special for b/c i dont really talk to many people and i forget about chats but definitely will try to be more active. but honestly we kinda go way back and have pretty good chats and youre just so chill and dont take too much seriously :)

Singsongers i remember when you came back to this site and we played a couple games together you were so loyal and such a gem youre one that i do consider a friend even if we barely talk but friends dont need to talk all the time :)

systrix ugh my sisterrr my twinny you are so good and always there when people wanna try to attack me i love you so much youre such a sweet heart and i always have your back girly.

kingb24 chase!!! i love you so much youre a very good friend to me always checking on me and making sure im alive through this working and everything b/c you totally get it youre such a sweetheart and i feel you are totally undervalued you deserve all the love :)

johnpopper i remember you from your old account and you have always been nice to me and its nice to play games with you we should definitely talk more :)

jengaged we just recently like met on devs call in that chat a couple of days ago but i think you are really funny and you seem very sweet someone i would become friends with ngl.

sawchuk55 my wifey <3 you are so funny and just a fun person to be around. and youre very geniune and sweet probably one of my favorite females on this site youre just so easy to get along with :)

manniboi i remember when we use to play games and like literally talk about our sex lives and everything it was such my hoe era LOL it was so good and you always know how to like make me laugh!

mbarnish1 matt!!! i miss you so much we dont talk as much as we use to and miss playing uno with you and going on calls we deff should play uno again sometime that was so much fun those nights.

typhlosion37 ryan!! i personally feel like sometimes you dont like me especially if im in stars you like always evict me which is fine its whatever xD but i dont have a problem with you at all and always thought you were nice.

jessie_ jessie!! honestly just recently became friends b/c of that call that one morning LOL it was so funny you are very funny and nice and i cant thank you enough for joining my charity :D youre a great person.

skyler1822 girl!!! you are such a gem one of the sweetest girls ever and such a good listener i couldnt thank you enough for that one day when i was venting to you about things and you have always been a good friend to people whenever they need to vent. and youre so sweet on calls i remember when me you and tony would go on calls together LOL those fun times.

brittbritt sometimes i dont know how you feel about me but me personally i dont have a problem with you i always remember those times years ago when we would work together in frooks when times were easier and we usually worked good together :)

joshlyn34 i love you more than i can even explain. you had came into my life and took me out of such a dark place. you are literally the best person to ever exist someone that i truly want in my life forever i couldnt imagine or want to imagine living without you. youre the most specialist person ever and always know how to make me smile and honestly cant wait to see what the future entails for us <3 i couldnt think of anyone better than you and youre such so cute and adorable i could like literally go on forever maybe ill just do that in pms <3

biminibonboulash i dont really know you but your name is very long idek ifi  could pronounce it xD but idk i have a sense you mgiht have had another account but im always down for a chat :)

woeisme john!!! definitely going to prove you wrong since you think that i just do these when im in stars xD but i love you so much you have been a pretty good friend to me when i need one and always there to talk and tell me about the gossip which is always fun LOL

itsalexia tyler!! i remember always supporting you back in the day and always being in midnight crew with you and eli and you were pretty not liked by people but i personally think youre alittle misunderstood sometimes from what ive seen

jeyceepina youre a total sweetheart especially when we played survivor that one time i didnt really think i was gonna make it to even 11th in there :o such a sweetie.

yswimmer96 noah!!! i love you LOL even though you always get nommed with people you shouldnt in frooks :( one day i promise i wont evict you in a frooks ive known you like forever.


me momma
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I love you so much sis 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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Don鈥檛 worry, almost nobody in Hellhole talks in Hellhole rofl. But <3
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Bet you update
Prove me wrong!
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