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2 years on TG and PYN

1stMar 2, 2023 by Thiii
PYN!! I have neverrr done one of these, and since this is a special occasion I decided to do one! So post your name and I guess I will talk about you!

Today marks 2 years that I have been on this site and it has brought some really good moments to me! Also I mean I made it to the HOF in 2 years with more than 17K karma, that's kinda iconic in my opinion

anywaysss let's go to the PYN

Wade03 I know that we have played a few vivor games together but it seems like when we are in the same game I never have power and it feels like you are always in the bottom :/ I have no idea why that happens because I actually think you are pretty nice, you always treated me very well, so I just don't get why you get the boot in games

iiGalaxyii I have always seen you in the blogs page but we never really talked to each other until we played that stars together, and honestly? meeting you there was the best thing in that stars, I genuinely loved our connection and I was rooting sosososo bad for you or Petra to win it, because in the last half of that game you both were literally my 2!! I'm glad that after all that you still managed to get your win, which is veryyy well deserving!

joey96 I do not have much game memory with you, but I think it's because you rarely play games nowadays buttt I think you are very much liked here, which made me shock when you left this stars, I just think lately there has been A LOT of new players and they don't really appreciate or know the nice and fun person that you are! I'm sorry you were kinda robbed and you know I helped you!!

Lifeiscool I don't know if I'm wrong or not but I think at the first time we actually met we did not get along AT ALL, but then we decided to play on the same side and it felt amazing?! and when we were actually having a good relationship you left the site for a pretty looooooong time, which I never knew what happened but then you came back and I still have the same feelings for you! I know that sometimes it didn't work for us in vivor, but that doesn't change a single thing by the way I feel about you! btw I actually thought you were winning your stars, but that game had a REALLY good cast, so you need to try again because I'm sure you WILL get your win!

xcharliex you have alwaysss been so fucking kind and good to me since the moment we met! I love our relationship and I know the time can go by and if we end up in a game together we will always protect each other until the very end, but obviously we would slay the game as usual LMAO, you are a very good gameplayer and that's something I have always admired about you!

Cadden we don't play a bunch of games together but that's not a problem to us at all, because when actually do play together you are always so thoughtful and you always try your best to protect me and obviously I try to repay the same loyalty back to you! I love our games together and I would enjoy if we could play even more!

Mackey I'm gonna be very honest with you, I actually like you a lot, but your friendship with Itachi makes me wanna be not so close with you.. I think he kinda has much power over you and he takes away some of your shine. Besides all of that I enjoy being around with you when you are by yourself

useamint whenever I see your username I always remember of castings LMAO, we played a lot of those games together, and I know we don't actually are friends friends but I gotta say I admire you soooo much because I think you are one of the most kind and thoughtful ppl in this entire website! that's why I look happy when I see you in games because I know it's gonna be a good/chill time!

Lynn12 I honestly think you are amazing! We don't really talk much but whenever we are "in the same room"  I see you being so respectful and gentle to everyone and I have so much respect for you because of that! I wish I could be a closer friend to you! I know you love Juniper and Juniper is AMAZING, and she always say the best things about you <3

PenguinOwen126  You are very much special to me! We met a long time ago and since we made a connection we neverrr let it go! You are for sure one of the ppl I trust the most here, you always try to help me and I will always try to help you too and you know that <3 I have been wanting for you to get your stars win because I know you are not even hungry but STARVING to get one, and you will get there, just be patient

MarieTori & titoburitto I just have to put you two together because you both even commented one right after the another here!! Also because I have ALWAYS thought of both of you as this PERFECT duo, cuz honestly? YOU ARE!! We don't really have much moments together but when we had them you both were sooooooo nice to me and I just felt welcomed in your arms. Idk how to explain but you both let me feel like I am special when I'm talking to you guys, and I feel like I belong, and that's a really really really good feeling! Everytime I think of TG duos I think of you two because you guys are one of the best  duos if not the best!

trickdaddy6 you probably hear this a lot but I have to say I'm sorry LMAO, whenever I see you around I think about Tanya. But in a good way tho, because the whole tengaged knows that Tanya is perfect, and if she likes you that much, I'm 100% sure you are something special too. I can't really confirm because we don't have this amazingggg connection but you always seemed like this great guy and if you are so close to Tanya, I just know you are one of the good ones!

Kindred7 I have to say you are one of the most iconic users of the history of this website, you are soooooo well liked and duh! who would not like you? I know you don't really play like you used to, but when we had our games together you were always so welcoming to everyone and you answered and talked with everyone with such a kind heart and respect. I admire you so much and I wish I could be a closer friend to you honestly <3

FabioHenrique a gente nunca foi tão próximo de verdade, mas eu conheço muita gente que adora muito você!! Então eu sempre tive um carinho por ti, por saber que você é querido pelas pessoas, mesmo que não sejamos os melhores amigos um do outro, sempre tive esse sentimento por ti! Também não posso deixar de dizer que tu é um comp beast né KKKKKK, todos temem cair contra tu em jogos, e eles não estão errados!!

Lucas_RFS ai amigo você é um doce, um amor de pessoa, de verdade! Você SEMPRE me tratou com esse carinho e admiração, e eu sempre me sentia muito especial em qualquer momento que a gente tivesse conversando. Todo mundo que eu conheço gosta MUITO de você, e afinal tem como ser de outro jeito? você é um querido com todas as pessoas, e você sempre trata todo mundo da melhor forma possível e isso é algo que eu admiro imensamente em ti. obrigado por ser do jeitinho que você é, e não mude jamais, afinal você é muito especial assim!

Thirteen You are a legend. an absolute LEGEND. I know you don't really play games to win, but I LOVE seeing you around in games, even tho we never have long conversations, I just like being around you. I love all your blogs, your vlogs are always ICONICS, you are something else, and definitely someone that this site always will need. You are unique, totally one of a kind and I have so much love and respect for you. <3

SexyTex You recently came back, and even tho you weren't here the most part I played on this website, when you returned you were like a big personallity and you made an impact! I always think of a frookies we played together and I think we were actually meeting each other for the first time and we had such an amazing first meet up. I have liked you since that moment! I also think of shops when I see your username LMAO

Scooby69 You will always always alwayssss have a sweet spot in my heart. You are one of the most important ppl for me here EVER, and I will love you forever. I am beyond thankful that I met you and that we got so close. You are an incredible human being and I just love being around you, you make people feel really good just by being there. Thank you for everything. You are really special <3

SemNome  amigo a gente não joga muitas coisas juntos, MAS a gente SEMPRE apoia um ao outro em tudooooooo, todos os momentos, e eu simplesmente amo demais isso na nossa amizade. Você pode contar comigo pra tudo amigo, sério mesmo, por mais que a gente não converse muito fora do TG, eu tenho um carinho gigantesco por ti que eu não sei nem explicar! Você é demais <3 e também te acho muitoooo engraçado KKKKKKKKK juroooo

cheritaisdelicious when I think of TG I think of you. I think if you weren't here this site would never be full as a whole. You are a part of the history of this website, you helped build everything here, you are a powerful OG and since you have been here for so long, people should just respect and admire you above everything. You have done so much for these people in this website, you always try to help ppl in whatever situation they are, you try to help new players, etc.. You are a very kind human being and I freaking admire you. Thank you for being such a legend. I know if someday you leave this site you will NEVER be forgotten. love you <3

FromAWindow oh my godddd! let me start by saying we didn't have the best relationship when we first met (if I'm not wrong) we were kinda always targeting each other in frookies, but some day we decided to change that, and I'm so happy we did it because I loved how it turned out for us. I always think of you as one of the people I admire literally the MOST here. You are so smart, so loyal, so kind, so respectful, gameplayer, and honestly? you are human! You know that people have feelings and you try your best to make everything right! some people here don't give a shit about others and say a bunch of mean things and move on, but I could never see you doing something like that, you are the complete opposite!! Also you stand up for what you think it's right and that's so fucking admirable. love you and I wish we could be even closer <3

stanleyhouseseven you are sooooo fucking sweet! I love that about you, we have a group that we always protect each other in games, but I know that even if our close friends aren't in a game with us, you will STILL slay the game because your social is just amazing!! I have seen you say you don't win povs, and I checked and it's true but you still always end up doing well in games because you are such a people person! You always find a way to connect with people and that's beautiful!

Delano ai ai amigo.. você chegou tão quietinho e tão do nada, e mesmo assim você adquiriu seu espaço no coração de muita gente aqui!! Mesmo que você esteja a pouco tempo no site, você tem uma doçura que encanta qualquer um que conversa contigo! Você é realmente um anjinho, e eu amo que você sempre faz blog defendendo o que você acha correto, e eu acho isso lindo! Amo conversar contigo e jogar contigo, e aliás estou esperando seu comeback ao stars, pois sei que tu ganha fácil viu!!

Spyder701 I have this great memory with you that has a special place in my heart! I think it was the first time I met you, we were both in a casting and I actually remember being in bed ready to sleep but I wasn't actually being able to sleep and then we started talking in castings, and it felt like we talked for hourssss and I had so much fun in there with you, and that kinda shocked me because I thought omg?! This person is actually so nice and fun to talk with, how haven't we met before?! Anyways, since that moment I have always had this soft spot for you! I see that you are trying to win stars and last time you came sooo close to the win, and honestly? You probably only got 2nd place because the winner didn't win until that point and he's here in the site for a long time, because if it was with someone else I'm sure you would win! So plsss do stars again and go get your first place <3

Music I might be saying nonsense here but I think when I'm stars you always help me and that will always mean a lot to me! If I'm wrong my memory just sucks so know that pls LMAO. I know that you and mint are besties and I think I have played a few castings with both of you in it, and like I said to mint, I feel the same way about you. You are a very chill person and I never see you saying shit about others like most of the ppl on this website does, so whenever I see you around I know it's gonna be a peaceful game and I'm about to have a good time playing with you. I wish we could talk more because I have a pretty solid opinion that you are lovely!

BigBrotherDonny I don't even know where to begin with you.. You are an absolute icon, legend & superstar of this website. Since the moment I first met you and I was a little new player back then, you were already this huge influence on the site and everyone loved you, so it's not a surprise that I fell in love with you too, you are just such a good person, and so fucking loyal but what I love the most about you is that you are FUN to talk to! I LOVE talking to you because I know I'm always gonna be laughing just for being around you. We have amazing moments together and I will always and I mean always have a sweet spot for you in my heart, you are everything to a lot of people here in this website, so as you are to me! Never forget how special you are, and how much you are loved and by MANY people! love you <3

Midiaw you really are something else! You are one of the most loved people on this entire website for sure! I don't know how things were a few years ago or even a long time ago here, butttt I know you are literally a STAR of this site, you have won THREE stars in a really short space of time and I don't ever thought that was possible but you managed to do that (freaking amazing btw), and since your first win it seemed like your legion supporters have only increased. You KNOW how to talk to people and you know how to make them feel good, and that just makes everyone wanting to be friends with you. Also I loved that little time we had when we were "fighting" for 1st place in the monthly rankers, that was really a funny moment to me. Anyways, I just think you are this huge legend and you are probably capable of winning many more stars that you join!

LindsayMiaw você é simplesmente o amor da minha vida, eu realmente espero que você consiga entender e ver o quão incrível e doce, e amorosa, e carinhosa, e atenciosa que você é com todo mundo que você se importa com e que você ama. E obviamente todas essas pessoas te amam imensamente e de uma forma recíproca. Você é EXTREMAMENTE especial, eu gostaria muito de te conhecer pessoalmente porque eu tenho certeza que seríamos ainda mais grudados um ao outro. Como você mesma diz pra mim: nunca se esqueça do quanto eu te amo <3. Eu AMO conversar contigo e estar perto de ti em jogos, são sempre bons momentos que recordarei para sempre

VanitySmurf the survivor legend! I absolute love when I'm in a tribe with you because I know you will ALWAYS be nice and talk to me like a very good and respectful person. You are all that. You have the potential to make everyone feel good, I have never saw anyone say even a little bad thing about you, because honestly how could they? You are so kind and thoughtful and I just admire you soooo much for being like that and being very mature, cuz in this website is a thing to be really appreciated LMAO


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