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Sea's Album Race PYN

Nov 19, 2023 by SeaViper
Welcome to Sea's Album Race! This game will function like a Music Taste, but rather than submit an individual song each week, you'll submit an entire album which will serve you for the entire contest. Each round, I will randomly select an unpicked song from the participating albums, and the worst one will sadly be sent home. Since and repeat until we reach the final round!

The only rules for submitting albums are:
- Must contain a minimum of 10 songs because this will be a 10-episode format
- Only one album per artist. Once an album has been submitted, that artist can't be submitted again this season

All you need to do to play is put the name of the artist and album!

I'm looking for hopefully 12 players, but the length can be adjusted for more/less players. If I get more than 15 I'll have to do a pre-qualification round before the main game begins

Good luck, and I'm interested to see what the heck tengaged is about to throw at me...



Japanese Breakfast
Sent by Joee323,Nov 19, 2023
My 21st century blues
Sent by Mrkk,Nov 19, 2023
Sent by Alexeh23,Nov 19, 2023
Born in the USA
Bruce springsteen
Sent by WillYSMithers_here,Nov 19, 2023
The Baby
Sent by MJFJUNE,Nov 19, 2023
laura marano
i may be an actress but i can't fake how i feel
Sent by PennyTrationStan,Nov 19, 2023
Submitted by Kawai (non-TG):
Sent by SeaViper,Nov 19, 2023
Kali Uchis
Red Moon In Venus
Sent by hellocat,Nov 19, 2023

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