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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Sep 10, 2023 by SeaViper
My name is Cirie Lopez-Wurtenberger. I'm from the year 2050, and I was conceived in the Big Brother house. I have travelled back in time to stop an apocalyptic event that will go on to destroy our world; Jared winning Big Brother 25

You see, shortly after Jared wins in my timeline, a series of violent riots break out around the US, later spreading to the world fueled by the public's anger of his win. Before we know it, entire cities are burning to the ground, and hundreds of thousands around the world are dying. The fires start to get worse because of global warming, and small fires soon turn into raging wildfires across the globe. Eventually, the entirety of the United States goes up in flames, shortly followed by the rest of the world. A small group of survivors, including my parents America and Cory, have set up refuge in a Northern part of Greenland. Along with them is the Big Brother time ray, which they have used to send me back in time to stop Jared Fields from winning, and saving the world from this apocalyptic event. I have not come alone, however...

Mecole is one of us, however, her connection is struggling to establish itself, meaning she is only in the house for half the time as she keeps glitching back to the future in which we come from. If Mecole and I fail my mission, then the world will fall into an apocalyptic era, so we better hope Mecole succeeds!

Should Mecole fail her mission, we have one final option to stop Jared from entering the house, but it's sadly not a good one. We must kidnap Jared at birth, take him to a far away land, and make sure he never hears the words "Big Brother".

People of 2023, thank you for reading this. Take care, and be prepared! Should the apocalypse break out, come and join us in Greenland, some of these people are really boring and we need more fun up there <3

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