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My Attention Span Has Been So Short Lately

Jul 2, 2023 by SeaViper
I've started about 8 TV shows over the last two weeks and only manages to finish one. The others only lasted about 2 episodes at most and I'm not sure if it's because they were genuinely bad or if I'm just going through a bit of an attention span crisis atm


I blame tiktok
Sent by reallyreally,Jul 2, 2023
Reallyreally I would too except I don't use it. Still, let's blame TikTok because that's the easiest thing to blame
Sent by SeaViper,Jul 2, 2023
Sent by reallyreally,Jul 2, 2023
God damn TikTok
Sent by ColinCoco,Jul 3, 2023

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