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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Seventh Death

Jul 31, 2020 by RaverKid
This week, the players took a trip to France to live out their romantic fantasies in the first ever guest murder! Thank you to Nick G. ( Tumblr ) for submitting this creative suggestion! Chloe was found dead at the base of the stairs in the townhouse she was staying at, while the rest of the players were getting ready for a trip to the Eiffel tower!

"Chloe was sound asleep in her bed, I thought the party would never end with this girl, luckily, it gave me all the time I needed to set up this crime. Displacing the drawers underneath Chloe’s bed on the side closest to the door, I placed a Bluetooth noisemaker in the kitchen cabinet. While downstairs I stole the old school thermometer from the kitchen and broke it, allowing the Mercury to pour from the curved glass right into the needle I had prepared. I quickly threw the broken glass away and ran upstairs to wait for Chloe. I hid underneath the bed where I had removed those drawers, and I waited, and I waited, and I waited.. Eventually, Chloe came home, she probably finished up at the bar with her damn Irish liver.. anyways. She finally went to bed, completely oblivious to the fact that I was hiding underneath her. Slowly she began to fall asleep, closing her eyes when I hit the Bluetooth button and the noise maker started going crazy. Chloe THREW the bedsheets off her, and stormed towards the door, at this point I spring into action, hitting her over the head with one of the drawers, she tumbled down the stairs, bleeding from the head. At the bottom she lie, knocked out cold. For the finishing blow, I simply stuck her with the blowpipe, Mercury filled needle shot right into her back. Causing horrible rashes and the swelling of the gums. And eventually, her death!"

Congratulations to Ryan ( Tumblr ) for earning the top score of the week! Tying Megan ( @nutmeggie )'s record of 4 top scores in a single season.

Spared players this week include; Adina Nicole ( FaceBook ), Katie ( Tumblr ), and TJ ( Zw**per ).

Scared players this week include; Michael D. ( M_Davis1998 ), Blake ( RainbowKing ), and Kurtis ( FaceBook )

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!


LOL EEK im shaking in my boots
Sent by M_Davis1998,Aug 1, 2020

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