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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Third Death(s)

Jul 5, 2020 by RaverKid
This week, players found RT and Jessie in their own bedrooms, deceased without a clue! Here's how things went down;

"Hello Mortals.. this week we proved our versatility to you, but I’ll let the crime do the talking.. First we grabbed the supplies needed to poison our victims, first, for Jessie, we wanted to use Cyanide, but it was not available to purchase for some god awful reason, so we went to the study, and searched for clues. Eventually we came across a book on chemical warfare, detailing the manufacturing of gaseous Cyanide using the Andrussow Process of bubbling methane gas into ammonia and platinum. So while you were all having fun downstairs, we snuck into Jessie’s room, and placed a bowl of ammonia with a platinum bar into the heating duct. The first step of our plan had stepped into action, next stop, RT’s bedroom. His poison was a little easier to come across as a modern day chemical weapon. Sarin, a gaseous poison that attacks the nervous system, known to be 100x more dangerous that cyanide in the first place.. thankfully, Sarin was a bit easier to get a hold of. When I got my hands on it, I immediately went into action, redirecting the plumbing into a gaseous chamber filled with a Sarin dilution in distilled water... Now for the fun parts, first Jessie.. When Jessie stepped into the bathroom that morning to brush her teeth, she activated the methane gas chamber, slowly but surely reacting with the ammonia to create Hydrogen Cyanide gas, causing her to throw her toothbrush down and vomit abruptly, and eventually causing cardiac arrest, which caused the tightness in her chest, and killing Jessie rather quickly. On the way down, Jessie landed on her left side, breaking her arm and bruising her face. Then onto RT, when RT woke up that morning, he stepped into his usual routine, and into the shower, but as soon as he turned the shower on, the gaseous chamber released the Sarin into the shower, giving RT several bronchovascular spasms, asphyxiating him within minutes, and causing the foam at the mouth."

The top scorers this week were;
Adina & Ryan!

Safe Duos;
Adina & Kurtis ( FaceBook )
Ryan & Katie ( Tumblr )
TJ & Anabel ( Tumblr )

Scared Duos;
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Michael H. & Chloe ( Tumblr )
Sharonica & Demonica ( FaceBook )

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