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Whodunnit Season 3 - Meet Anabel!

Jan 5, 2020 by RaverKid
Our youngest contestant of the season, and one of the most unintentionally funny people playing this game, Anabel! At only 15, Anabel is the youngest winner in tumblr survivor history, dominating Tumblr Survivor 89; Indonesia and winning with a 7-1-1 vote. Anabel is consistently described as the “most mature 15 year old the ORG community has seen” around the tumblr-sphere. Will Anabel’s youthful spirit give her the vitality needed in this game, or will her time be cut short?

Watch Anabel’s Introduction video here!

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Sent by FireX,Jan 5, 2020
Sent by FireX,Jan 5, 2020

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