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Whodunnit Season 3 - The First Death(s)

Jul 5, 2020 by RaverKid
In preparation for Season 4, I figured I'd need to keep my blogs consistent, and post all of the death blogs from Season 3!

The cast was informed that not one, but two people had died! Zachy ( IceMakeRampart ) & Julian ( TheSexiestDude990 ) were the first to perish. After they were murdered, the cast was informed they'd be playing the game as duos, each person in the cast had a close friend that was asked to apply, and they will be paired off, the duos were as follows;

Ryan & Katie (Tumblr)
Adina & Kurtis (FaceBook)
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Jeneen & Christina (FaceBook)
Anabel & Juls (Tengaged)
Brien & TJ ( JustDontEvictMe & Tumblr )
Jessie & RT (FaceBook)
Sharonica & Demonica (FaceBook)
Chloe & Michael H. (Tumblr)

Each duo's score would be added up, and the duo with the least amount of points will be eliminated. However, the person with the higher point value out of each eliminated duo was sequestered, and given an opportunity to return, later in the season.

Now that alll of that is out of the way, let's get on with the first murders!

“Well, things weren’t supposed to start this early, but it couldn’t be helped. The urge came up, it had to be satisfied. It was anything but normal for Tawni’s studio to have all of us staying there, we all needed some much needed air. Zachy & Julian were in the makeup and sewing rooms completing their consultations, so, when nobody was looking, the power panel was messed with, activating the sprinklers in ONLY the main room, and turning out the lights in the entire building. While you all scrambled out the front door. The hand mirror was smashed over Julian’s head to knock him out, and the makeup room was moved into to take care of Zachy, the sewing machine was bashed over his head in order to knock him out, and he fell into the ironing board, breaking one of the legs. Julian was knocked out first, so he was finished off first. The sewing shears were laying around, which were then brought into the makeup room and used to stab Julian exactly 18 times in the stomach. The shears were hid in one of the makeup drawers, where Emma’s favorite lipstick, the perfect tool to taunt the lot of you, was found. Drawing GLHF on Julian’s chest, he was dragged into the sewing room, lodging little pieces of the hand mirror into his back as he was dragged. Two little sticky notes were taken from the sewing room, using the lipstick, the number “1” was drawn on each, one was placed on the tri-fold mirror in the makeup room, and the other was placed in Julian’s mouth, giving you a clue as to where he was killed. While the sticky note was placed in the makeup room, the lipstick cup was in the way, so they were taken, and cut off into a glass bowl, while in the sewing room, the clothes iron was on, and so it was used to melt the lipstick down to simple wax. The wax was then poured down Zachy’s throat, effectively suffocating him, causing the purple asphyxiation colors along his collar. To finish everything off, one more sticky note was drawn on with the number “2” on it, and the mannequin in the sewing room was decorated with clothes pins, in the shape of a “2”, to indicate where Zachy was killed. Figuring, since Julian’s chest was decorated, Zachy’s chest should be too, so with a needle and red thread, the same acronym “GLHF” was sewed into Zachy’s chest. If you’re not carefully interpreting the clues I leave behind, it may be “GG” for you, be careful.”

Since we played in pairs, there were two top scores each week, for this week, Ryan and Adina Nicole were the top scorers of the week!

Juls and Christina each quit in the first week of the competition, leaving Anabel and Jeneen without a partner, so this round was played as individuals, and the two who left behind single partners would be paired up with someone who had their partner quit!

Spared; Ryan, Katie, Adina, Blake, Michael D., TJ, Chloe, Michael H., Sharonica, Demonica, RT, and Jessie

Scared; Brien, Jeneen, Anabel, and Kurtis

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!


I bet it brought you real pleasure to write a blog about me dying now huh :-)
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Jul 5, 2020

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