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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Second Death(s)

Jul 5, 2020 by RaverKid
This week, contestants found Brien ( JustDontEvictMe ) & Jeneen ( FaceBook ) deceased in the fountain by the gates. Here's how things went down;

“This was an interesting murder to put into motion, first the preparation had to be done. Going out on a limb, we contacted a junkyard and found ourselves a pick up truck, as they have the most power starting up, but the battery was absolute garbage, so we parked the pickup outside the gates to the manor, and did a little switcheroo on the batteries of the limo, and the truck to give the truck a bit higher.. Voltage.. While one of us was working on that, the other was writing letters on the workshop bench, pretending that Jeneen was writing to Brien, and Brien was writing back to Jeneen, inviting each other out to Tea Time on the front lawn. One of us prepared the hot water and the looseleaf options, while the other was working on the storage shelves to crush up pills of Flunitrazepam, and known date rape drug, we spiked the hot water with it, so when Jeneen & Brien were drinking and having a good time, they passed out. We worked together to move the bodies into the fountains, where we had prepared small metal cylinders to act as diodes, and we had tied them to the center of the fountain. One of us busted the gate to get the truck, while the other snuck into the chest on the porch to steal the jumper cables. We connected the jumper cables from the truck, to the diodes in the fountain, and you all heard the roar of the pickup truck, effectively delivering enough electricity to the water to shock the brains of poor Jeneen & Brien, causing an Ischemic stroke, which did the job, killing the two of them together.”

The top scorers this round were; Katie & Ryan ( Tumblr )

Spared Card Duos;
Adina Nicole & Kurtis ( FaceBook )
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Michael H. & Chloe ( Tumblr )

Scared Card Duos;
Anabel & TJ ( Tumblr )
Sharonica & Demonica ( FaceBook )
RT & Jessie ( FaceBook )

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