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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Fourth Death(s)

Jul 5, 2020 by RaverKid
This week, players found Sharonica and Demonica deceased, with their heads sewn onto each other's bodies in the storage shed out back. Here's how things happened;

"This week, we took a bit more of an abrupt approach, it took you guys not that long to find them, but the investigation took forever, my god. Y’all are a pretty damn slow bunch, anyhow, here’s how we did it this week.. one by one, Sharonica and Demonica were removed from their beds, and lead down to the storage shed by axe point, and tied up in their own dining chairs, the table is getting smaller, we had to do SOMETHING with them. One they were positioned in their chairs, my partner in crime fired up the pressure washer at about 5k psi, and let er RIP, aiming right for the neck, the water came out at such high pressure it was able to cut right through the fleshy part of the neck, effectively decapitating both women with one single blow. I went to work slowly stitching the wrong heads back onto the bodies and such an angle that would give anyone chills walking into the room. However I quickly realized that my partner didn’t know how to operate a pressure washer, as the room started to fill with water, I fired up a submersible pump, and aimed it outside, but some of the water had already damaged some equipment, and waterlogged the victim’s limbs. Fearing that someone may hear us, we quickly retreated to the house, deed done, but not cleaned up.."

Top Scorers this week;
Kurtis & Ryan

Spared Duos;
Kurtis & Adina Nicole ( FaceBook )
Ryan & Katie ( Tumblr )

Scared Duos;
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Anabel & TJ ( Tumblr )
Chloe & Michael H. ( Tumblr )

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