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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Sixth Death

Jul 31, 2020 by RaverKid
From this point on, players were playing as individuals, unfortunately, RT and Sharonica did not score high enough to earn their way back into the world of the living, and back into the game. Players found Anabel dead in the storage room this week, here's how it played out;

"This week, I took a bit more of a patient approach to the same crime I’ve committed 12 times already this season. Anabel was quite the gullible target, however I must admit I underestimated her will. Placing a valentine in her bedroom, I knew she couldn’t resist. The box of sweethearts was.. Customized to say the least. Letters scratched out of each heart to leave only the letters “C, O, M, E, T, O, T, H, E, S, T, O, R, A, G, E, R, O, O, M” in the box. As soon as Anabel decoded the message she was on her way. I took the rug from the back patio and set it down in the storage room, and hid behind one of the larger boxes. When I saw her blond hair, I jumped out, grabbing her by the neck, attempting to strangle her. What I wasn’t expecting, is that she had taken a brick from the mantle upstairs, and swung it right into my gut, knocked back, I wrestled Anabel to the ground, ripping the brick out of her manicured hands. Bashing her over the head with it, I achieved my goal, to knock her out, but in a much different way than I had imagined. I rolled her up in the rug, and shot her all over the place with a nail gun, causing her to bleed out inside the rug. Last, I cleaned up, dragging Anabel upstairs, dropping the two empty clips into the decorative vase upon the mantle, and jamming the nail gun into the recliner. And, in case you were wondering, she was instructed to eat the sweethearts before visiting me."

This week, TJ ( Zw**per ) was the top score.
Spared players include; Adina Nicole ( FaceBook ), Michael D. ( M_Davis1998 ), Ryan ( Tumblr ), and Kurtis ( FaceBook ).
Scared players include; Chloe ( Tumblr ), Blake ( RainbowKing ), and Katie ( Tumblr ).

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!


Sent by Queen7,Jul 31, 2020
Yay! Go Me! I wonder what will end up happening! I have no idea!
Sent by M_Davis1998,Jul 31, 2020

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