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Mythological Survivor; Yuum Chaak Feb 14, 2021
imageCome Join the Mythological Survivor Hub;

A couple of smite playing, lore loving dweebs have taken the deep dive, hosting our own series based on mythology from around the globe, our first season, Mythological Survivor; No-Mikoko explored the creation legend of Japan as told by the Shinto religion. After a vastly successful season on Skype, we've made the decision to move over to Discord, and we're ready to take on a brand new community with our big ideas.

Join Keegan, JJ, and our new production member; Nik, as we journey into the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico to explore the ruins of the once bustling city of Chichén Itzá, in a season of Mythological Survivor themed around the rainbringing rituals of the Yucatán Mayan peoples.

Mythological Survivor; Yuum Chaak' is casting, and we'd love to have YOU in our application pool.
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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Seventh Death Jul 31, 2020
This week, the players took a trip to France to live out their romantic fantasies in the first ever guest murder! Thank you to Nick G. ( Tumblr ) for submitting this creative suggestion! Chloe was found dead at the base of the stairs in the townhouse she was staying at, while the rest of the players were getting ready for a trip to the Eiffel tower!

"Chloe was sound asleep in her bed, I thought the party would never end with this girl, luckily, it gave me all the time I needed to set up this crime. Displacing the drawers underneath Chloe’s bed on the side closest to the door, I placed a Bluetooth noisemaker in the kitchen cabinet. While downstairs I stole the old school thermometer from the kitchen and broke it, allowing the Mercury to pour from the curved glass right into the needle I had prepared. I quickly threw the broken glass away and ran upstairs to wait for Chloe. I hid underneath the bed where I had removed those drawers, and I waited, and I waited, and I waited.. Eventually, Chloe came home, she probably finished up at the bar with her damn Irish liver.. anyways. She finally went to bed, completely oblivious to the fact that I was hiding underneath her. Slowly she began to fall asleep, closing her eyes when I hit the Bluetooth button and the noise maker started going crazy. Chloe THREW the bedsheets off her, and stormed towards the door, at this point I spring into action, hitting her over the head with one of the drawers, she tumbled down the stairs, bleeding from the head. At the bottom she lie, knocked out cold. For the finishing blow, I simply stuck her with the blowpipe, Mercury filled needle shot right into her back. Causing horrible rashes and the swelling of the gums. And eventually, her death!"

Congratulations to Ryan ( Tumblr ) for earning the top score of the week! Tying Megan ( @nutmeggie )'s record of 4 top scores in a single season.

Spared players this week include; Adina Nicole ( FaceBook ), Katie ( Tumblr ), and TJ ( Zw**per ).

Scared players this week include; Michael D. ( M_Davis1998 ), Blake ( RainbowKing ), and Kurtis ( FaceBook )

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!
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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Sixth Death Jul 31, 2020
From this point on, players were playing as individuals, unfortunately, RT and Sharonica did not score high enough to earn their way back into the world of the living, and back into the game. Players found Anabel dead in the storage room this week, here's how it played out;

"This week, I took a bit more of a patient approach to the same crime I’ve committed 12 times already this season. Anabel was quite the gullible target, however I must admit I underestimated her will. Placing a valentine in her bedroom, I knew she couldn’t resist. The box of sweethearts was.. Customized to say the least. Letters scratched out of each heart to leave only the letters “C, O, M, E, T, O, T, H, E, S, T, O, R, A, G, E, R, O, O, M” in the box. As soon as Anabel decoded the message she was on her way. I took the rug from the back patio and set it down in the storage room, and hid behind one of the larger boxes. When I saw her blond hair, I jumped out, grabbing her by the neck, attempting to strangle her. What I wasn’t expecting, is that she had taken a brick from the mantle upstairs, and swung it right into my gut, knocked back, I wrestled Anabel to the ground, ripping the brick out of her manicured hands. Bashing her over the head with it, I achieved my goal, to knock her out, but in a much different way than I had imagined. I rolled her up in the rug, and shot her all over the place with a nail gun, causing her to bleed out inside the rug. Last, I cleaned up, dragging Anabel upstairs, dropping the two empty clips into the decorative vase upon the mantle, and jamming the nail gun into the recliner. And, in case you were wondering, she was instructed to eat the sweethearts before visiting me."

This week, TJ ( Zw**per ) was the top score.
Spared players include; Adina Nicole ( FaceBook ), Michael D. ( M_Davis1998 ), Ryan ( Tumblr ), and Kurtis ( FaceBook ).
Scared players include; Chloe ( Tumblr ), Blake ( RainbowKing ), and Katie ( Tumblr ).

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!
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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Fifth Death Jul 5, 2020
This week, players found Michael H. deceased in the morgue with his stomach cut open, and filled with a strange herb, here's how things went down!

“By now I’m sure most of you know that this entire game, there’s been two of us killers running amok, but what you’ve yet to figure out, is why there’s two of us. To make a long story short, the landlord is sick of my predecessors getting caught, and losing the game to a pile of incompetant innocents. So the landlord decided to allow two of us, not only to kill off innocent contestants faster, but to figure out which killer was the most competent, and allow them to spread their wings and fly. Based on the investigations in Michael H.’s room this week, I’m sure some of you found the receipt for the truck rental we used to shock Jeneen and Brien to death, and the platinum bar, used in the chemical reaction that killed Jessie, and the pressure plate underneath the rug. Michael H was not only my partner in crime, but my adversary in this game. I had grown increasingly frustrated with his lack of involvement, leaving him note after note, message after message about what to do, where to do it, and how to do it. The instructions to sacrifice him from the landlord couldn’t have come any sooner. If there’s one thing about Michael H. I respect, it’s that he’s a team player. His willingness to be killed is what is going to win me this game. He met me in the Morgue, and helped me prepare for the ritual. Spreading the chalk circle out for magical protection from dark energies, crushing the herb blend that will cloak myself, and resurrect the dead. I first drained him of his blood by slitting his wrists, and while he bled out, I continued the ritual preparation, reading the chant from the spellbook, and lighting the hexing candles. Slowly, the dark feeling came over me and I knew what I needed to do. I took the knife from the medical table, and plunged it into his chest, carving down the abdomen, placing the herb blend, and his own eyeballs into his stomach, finishing the ritual with a splash of my own blood onto the floor in the center of the protection circle."

Yes! There have been two killers playing this game, neither of them knew who the other was until this moment, but the killer with the lower point total was sacrificed to bring back RT and Sharonica, the only way the two of them could stay in the game is if they outscored at least 5 of the remaining players in the game, unfortunately, neither of them were able to complete that task, and they were both condemned to death. This also marked the END of the duo twist, players will be killed one at a time from here on out!

The top scorers this week were; Michael D ( M_Davis1998 ) & Katie ( Tumblr )!

The Spared players this week were; Ryan ( Tumblr ), Adina Nicole ( FaceBook ), Blake ( RainbowKing ), and TJ ( Tumblr ).

The Scared players this week were; Kurtis ( FaceBook ), Anabel ( Tumblr ), & Chloe ( Tumblr ).

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!
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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Fourth Death(s) Jul 5, 2020
This week, players found Sharonica and Demonica deceased, with their heads sewn onto each other's bodies in the storage shed out back. Here's how things happened;

"This week, we took a bit more of an abrupt approach, it took you guys not that long to find them, but the investigation took forever, my god. Y’all are a pretty damn slow bunch, anyhow, here’s how we did it this week.. one by one, Sharonica and Demonica were removed from their beds, and lead down to the storage shed by axe point, and tied up in their own dining chairs, the table is getting smaller, we had to do SOMETHING with them. One they were positioned in their chairs, my partner in crime fired up the pressure washer at about 5k psi, and let er RIP, aiming right for the neck, the water came out at such high pressure it was able to cut right through the fleshy part of the neck, effectively decapitating both women with one single blow. I went to work slowly stitching the wrong heads back onto the bodies and such an angle that would give anyone chills walking into the room. However I quickly realized that my partner didn’t know how to operate a pressure washer, as the room started to fill with water, I fired up a submersible pump, and aimed it outside, but some of the water had already damaged some equipment, and waterlogged the victim’s limbs. Fearing that someone may hear us, we quickly retreated to the house, deed done, but not cleaned up.."

Top Scorers this week;
Kurtis & Ryan

Spared Duos;
Kurtis & Adina Nicole ( FaceBook )
Ryan & Katie ( Tumblr )

Scared Duos;
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Anabel & TJ ( Tumblr )
Chloe & Michael H. ( Tumblr )

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!
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Whodunnit Season 3 - The Third Death(s) Jul 5, 2020
This week, players found RT and Jessie in their own bedrooms, deceased without a clue! Here's how things went down;

"Hello Mortals.. this week we proved our versatility to you, but I’ll let the crime do the talking.. First we grabbed the supplies needed to poison our victims, first, for Jessie, we wanted to use Cyanide, but it was not available to purchase for some god awful reason, so we went to the study, and searched for clues. Eventually we came across a book on chemical warfare, detailing the manufacturing of gaseous Cyanide using the Andrussow Process of bubbling methane gas into ammonia and platinum. So while you were all having fun downstairs, we snuck into Jessie’s room, and placed a bowl of ammonia with a platinum bar into the heating duct. The first step of our plan had stepped into action, next stop, RT’s bedroom. His poison was a little easier to come across as a modern day chemical weapon. Sarin, a gaseous poison that attacks the nervous system, known to be 100x more dangerous that cyanide in the first place.. thankfully, Sarin was a bit easier to get a hold of. When I got my hands on it, I immediately went into action, redirecting the plumbing into a gaseous chamber filled with a Sarin dilution in distilled water... Now for the fun parts, first Jessie.. When Jessie stepped into the bathroom that morning to brush her teeth, she activated the methane gas chamber, slowly but surely reacting with the ammonia to create Hydrogen Cyanide gas, causing her to throw her toothbrush down and vomit abruptly, and eventually causing cardiac arrest, which caused the tightness in her chest, and killing Jessie rather quickly. On the way down, Jessie landed on her left side, breaking her arm and bruising her face. Then onto RT, when RT woke up that morning, he stepped into his usual routine, and into the shower, but as soon as he turned the shower on, the gaseous chamber released the Sarin into the shower, giving RT several bronchovascular spasms, asphyxiating him within minutes, and causing the foam at the mouth."

The top scorers this week were;
Adina & Ryan!

Safe Duos;
Adina & Kurtis ( FaceBook )
Ryan & Katie ( Tumblr )
TJ & Anabel ( Tumblr )

Scared Duos;
Blake & Michael D. ( RainbowKing & M_Davis1998 )
Michael H. & Chloe ( Tumblr )
Sharonica & Demonica ( FaceBook )

If you'd like to join the viewing lounge, and get the first look at the application for Season 4, click the link below!
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