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Pyn for an honest opinion

17thJan 1, 2018 by Paige5459
I won't be holding back.

Maturo: I think from the times we talk, I can safely say that I don't think you like me at all. But anywho, I think you're an interesting person. I love how you don't care what anyone thinks when you write blogs. However, one thing I dislike is your obsession over certain people on tengaged (you know who they are) and the way you troll sometimes. You hit a nerve in a lot of people with some of the topics that you talk about, but I like your confidence and your bluntness. You never beat around the bush for anything.

GoodKaren: An absolute goddess. Karen, you're one of the nicest people on tengaged, no matter what anyone says. I love your 11:11 blogs, and your adorable cat gif, and your bubbly personality. I'm so glad you decided to be friends with me (out of all people) and I hope we can stay friends for even longer :)

Harrywasnak: To be honest, I haven't seen you around much on Tengaged. Maybe it's because I've only been on here for 4 months, or maybe it's because you don't get yourself involved in any drama, which is good. Keep staying out of that kind of stuff. It's causing a lot of people to say things they shouldn't.

Wade03: We haven't talked nearly enough! I want to thank you for helping me in my black level charity. That was really nice of you to help even though you didn't know me at all :) I think you're a nice person and I like a lot of your friends, so you're cool in my book

Icarus_Mark: We first met when you helped out in my frooks charity back when I was a noob, and for a while we didn't talk much after that. But you've been online a lot more lately, and I'm glad about that. You always go out of your way to say nice things to me and lighten up my mood, and you're an overall good and funny person.

Skyler1822: I'm sorry, I don't think we've talked at all :/ but I've heard a lot of good things about you, so keep it up :P

CalebDaBoss: You get picked on a lot on Tengaged. Honestly, I don't think you deserve it, but at the same time you lash out on people and say really hurtful things to people who have tried to defend you. You tried to blame one of my friends for something, and then called me dumb for defending him. And I've on numerous accounts defended you, but you were so quick to attack me for some reason. Anywho, some of the stuff you say is questionable, but all together this hate for you is over the top.

Question: Seth <3 One of my best friends on Tengaged. You're always gonna be one of my best friends on here (you know far too much) and I just love you so much. You're so nice, and you're hilarious and I'm always laughing and smiling everytime I talk to you.

Adamloveseverything: Either you're just trolling, or you don't seem to care for me either lol. When you troll you're funny, and I think you'd be fun to talk to otherwise. You really like to speak your mind :P

Darbe: I don't really know a whole lot about you, but you seem cool. From what I see, you have a good choice in friends and you're a comp beast. We should talk sometime :D

Peace123: CONNOR YOU SLAY MY EXISTENCE. You're a hardcore #felipaige shipper, and you go out of your way to make jokes about it for some reason. But anywho, I love you, you're amazing, and you're really funny. You better stay that way. Except you killed our group chat so please go step on a lego.

Hisoka: I think you're really nice, but I'm not quite sure how you feel about me. Personally I think I annoy you sometimes, but who knows? You were funny in the castings we played together a little while back, but we haven't had a ton of interaction.

ParvatiS: Purrie you are a queennnnnnn. You need to stop going AWOL on the group chat so we can actually talk to you once in a while. We really miss you :( But you're one of the best friends a girl could ask for, and I'll leave it at that :P

Arris: You're one of the people on tg that I'd like to get to know better. You seem funny and I really wish I was friends with you lol. But I can't say much because we really haven't talked a ton.

Nocturnal: Umm first of all I'm not latina. Two, I don't really know you except for your trolling blogs so I can't really give you an opinion. Sorry :/

ManniBoi: I don't really know you :( But I'm sure you're a nice person.

Dj2722: I love how courageous you are. You get negged blogs daily but you don't let that bother you at all. You talk shit about anyone who gets in your way and I wish I had the guts to do that. You're super sweet too, and I'm glad you don't hate me anymore lol


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sure but idk if we have ever spoken before lol
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Seth xo
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give me your honest opinion you beautiful Latina lady
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