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belated charity thank yous!!

11thJul 14, 2018 by Oliviaxoxo
Thank you guys for a fun and successful charity and glad it helped double peoples Ts!!!

blitszims im so glad we finally friends youre so easy to talk to and friendly to everyon and i enjoy whatever we chat about, especially love island!!! what will we do in 3 weeks when its over?!?! i feel we should join a rookies for finale week just because ;)

woeisme my longest friend in many ways HAHA i was so sad to see u out so soon considering youre my bro, and my wingman partner when we down the bar picking up some ladies. ily long time and you never fail to make me have a lil chuckle to my laptop screen

masqui it was so nice for you to join and im sorry we didnt get to spend much time talking more. im definitely up for a casting or something next week when im back home :) you're a really sweet guy and i cant wait to be closer pals soon

j2999 you always remind me of j2o you remind me of my old friend Harry on here, you both are so similar and he was like my little bro and i feel youre my new little bro to watch out for. youre an absolute sweetheart and come across so mature. was really happy to see you win stars because you frigging deserved the recognition of the person u are

Brayden_  such a good guy and easy to talk to. you seem so chilled and calm and its nice to be around. your blogs suck but otherwise you okay. you kinda keep spoiling the 100 for me though so ill never be able to finish watching that now its  a shame. happy you had a good birthday and bitties

@Faithful743 im not sure who you are but i really appreciate you joining so thank you! <3

Smallchild99  best son i could ever ask for <3 u are always so nice to everyone and u and ur dad make me ultra happy even though his sexuality is questionable. i hope therell be an update on your situation soon 

malachite05 love of my life thank u for being a great husband 3 out of 7 days of the week i really appreciate that. but honestly im so glad you came back to this site and its over a year now since we met and started talkin on blogs and u enlightened my previously sheltered life after explaining to me what a blackened catfish is. INTERESTING. you are so random and weird which allows to be my random and weird self too and on the rare occasion your advice is absolute amazing and so supportive. ily hope u enjoy the toilet rolls in the post

Music U is fokin weird pal. writin these i feel i attract weird souls but u are the queen of them all. you have been an awesome friend to me over the years and i feel youre always someone who will be there for me and vice versa. i love pan ti sharad cymraeg and throwback to us fan girling miranda SO FRIGGING HARD we go see her one dai for da bants?

fighterman LOL my boyfriend along with icebeast. honestly tho im so happy to be talkin to u a lot more nowadays and i feel we are similar in a lot more ways than i initially thought which was SHOOK. ure actually quite a nice person shook again and u do make me laff to my screen sometimes too. thank u for havin my back and ill always have urs no matta wat now fak off.

gigi10 gross NEXT..... 

smoothstalker12 double gross NEXT......


#gigi10 ure like a sista to me nd i love how i can tell u anythin even if ive disagreed with u on something cos i know there will be no grudges on my side or yours. ure a proper sound guy and very down to earth and its ok to if u are gay u dont have to keep up this straight act for me no more. seriously though just fok off.

#smoothstalker12 i dont ever wanna meet u again u ruined my time in london with my bff lewisc and the fact u just WALKED PAST US when we first met you after YOU WENT TO THE WRONG STATION (haha lol jk it was me) was just shockin!!!!! ive lost count how many years we been frands now but i definitely know its been too long and its time to terminate this friendship before it gets too late. ps send me link of 21 piolots. LAF U <3


Aw love ya <3
wish u wrote less for gigi10 tho imagine having a lot to write for some1 as trashy as her.
Sent by FighterMan,Jul 14, 2018
i walked past in hopes u wouldn't notice and i woould hop back on the tube to run away
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jul 14, 2018
Glad it went well 😁
Sent by Yoshitomi,Jul 14, 2018
happy belated bday wifey <3
Sent by IceBeast,Jul 14, 2018
happy to help. and thanks for the 💩💩ing advice ✌👌
Sent by woeisme,Jul 14, 2018
we are OVER
Sent by Music,Jul 14, 2018
Awwwh ty Liv!! <33
Sent by J2999,Jul 14, 2018
I'm always willing to help you out! :)
Dad's str8 btw.
Sent by smallchild99,Jul 15, 2018
We raised that boy right he never tells a lie I’m straight btw ❤️🇮🇸🦖🎄💍
Sent by malachite05,Jul 15, 2018
<33 yes we should!
Sent by Blitszims,Jul 15, 2018
< 3
Sent by 75937563748,Jul 15, 2018

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