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Aug 12, 2018 by Oliviaxoxo
i had a crap week. Lost count how many times i wanted to quit over 4 days, cried, didnt manage to take a break over 13 hours, forgot to eat, didnt see anyone sociably because by time i was home they were in bed, it sucked BALLS. Never been so knackered in mi life


if you ever want to talk to someone
feel free to message me :)
love you x
Sent by ImGonnaWin,Aug 12, 2018
That sounds horrible! Hope your next week is better:)
Sent by 75937563748,Aug 12, 2018
:( hang in there livs. I know it sucks. Adapt to it and power through it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger <3 and I'm always around whenever you get off work :)
Sent by Tyler93,Aug 12, 2018
Hey you've been offline for a while but I remembered this scene from Torchwood and it reminded me of you xD
Sent by dandoe,Aug 21, 2018

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