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This is why I don’t hike

18thJun 30, 2018 by Oliviaxoxo
I shouldn’t be allowed to hike on my own again:

Tl;dr- went for a hike on my own, lost my car key, thought I was gonna be like that guy in the 365 days or whatever film where he’s stuck in a desert cutting his arm off, finally got hold of mi Mam, hour later she finds it cos she is a hero ofc. Other than that was a nice walk..

Firstly, i accidentally parked in the wrong place to go to the top so ended up going on another cute little path around the base of the hill. I sat for a bit with a beautiful view and contimplated life and tengaged financial crisis and then turned to make my way back to the car. When I reached the car I found that my keys were not in my bag which I thought I’d put them. Here came the panic and phoning my mum who wasn’t answering (her phone was o. Silent and I didn’t get an answer until half an hour later) by then it was getting closer to mid day and getting really hot so I tried to find some shade behind this little wall. Luckily where I was isn’t far from our house so when she phoned me back we decided that I’d go retrace my steps whilst she’d drive up and come follow me. About over an hour later of retracing and giving up we headed back to the car and by this point I was really pissed off with myself and felt gutted cos it’s an expensive key to replace and felt I’d let my Mam down lol. As we were approaching the last gate to the cars my mum happened to look down at a certain spot and there the fucker was :D literally I hugged my mum so hard and couldn’t stop smiling. Basically moral of the story it is true that when you can’t find something, your mum will definitely find it.


Sent by GoodKaren,Jun 30, 2018
Damn, stress, at least the view was beautiful
Sent by 75937563748,Jun 30, 2018
luv ya mum
Sent by Music,Jun 30, 2018
LOL WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED. cute though. Glad you made it home alive :) thanks to mum...
Sent by Tyler93,Jun 30, 2018

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