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Irelia 💕

4thJan 3, 2018 by Oliviaxoxo
NO NOT THE COWS BUT CALVIN, SMOOTHSTALKER12. I can't believe you are finally 57!!! You are finally legal everywhere now 21 special day! I hope you have a wonderful day. This year has been amazing for our friendship, getting to physically shove you, attempt poisoning with cupcakes, eating your nuts, so many memories! I'm so happy we finally got to meet this year with our bae LewisC after so many years of friendship on this thing. It was one of the highlights this year hanging out irl so many memories over those 2 days. Going to the G A Y club, trying to get Lewis to dance, me picking up a girlfrand...You have been a wonderful friend to me and beyond supportive. You deserve the best day EVER and every success.... love you long time cant wait for meet up 2018 <3 <3 ----> why is this not working?

Long ago in my life i felt empty and confused, lonely and sad, anxious and depressed. Then one day I was walking down the streets and heard in echo from the bushes "choke me daddy" and next thing i know you pull me into the bushes and assault me. It was the best day of my life and so glad we got to meet and for you to make my life better. Long story short, thanks for always being so nice and pure hearted. I hope you have an amazing day and many more birthday's to come <3. Fighterman (get snapchat)

I love you Calvin!! You've been a great friend on this site! You're always so giving to your friends, and have a such a great attitude on here :) hope we can talk more and still be friends for a long time! Hope you're birthday great bro!💙 Wade03 (I legit thought it was 08 say whaaaaaat)

Happy Birthday Calvin!!!!!!! I heart you and hope you get lit af today!! Wishing u all the best today and in 2018 and also for your mini porcupine!!!!  Allieboballie
Happy 43rd birthday calvy ;p hope you eat lots of cake and celebrate big! i've known you since you were...15? CRAZY! you've grown so much and you should be proud of the man you're becoming :)) K4r4K

HBD CALVIN hope you have a great day!! You’re a right weirdo but that’s alright it gives you that unique flavour, always spicing up the convo (or making people too uncomfortable to speak). You’re a funny guy and I’m glad we got closer this year. PS Brendan said he has found a new love... sorry GiGi10

did yall fuck when you met Danielledonato

We literally just met but I think you’re really funny and I FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE WHOS OBSESSED WITH VINES AS MUCH AS I AM!!!
I hope Ya boy gets a free taco and have da best bday ever!!
Also rename your hedgehog he deserves the best and that includes the name sonic! Xoxo JAdennator1 (ily bby girl :*)

dear Calvin. Happy Birthday, enjoy the time you have on this world and live each day as if it was your last - because you never know when thirteen will inevitably hunt you down and slaughter you. lots of love from Jess <3 Irelia

Dear Calvin, Nothing turns me on more than you. xoxo HAnnah_Banks2250

Happy Birthday Calvin <33 I’m glad we’re still friends even after this time! The proof is in the streak! Even though we don’t talk a lot, I appreciate how you are very passionate in whatever you do. I know you’ll do great things soon and I am glad to be able to see what you do through snaps <3 I hope you have a fantastic birthday and an even better new year! Icebeast

wow happy birthday calvin Patrick319

The devil doesnt have birthdays..... jk Happy Birthday Caldad! Have a wonderful day and get a life on at least your birthday! Thanks for being a good friend to have a bit of a laff with x BAza76

Calvin happy birthday! ILYSM and you always find a way to make me giggle whether it’s trying to bribe me for gagaluv nudes or you shipping me with her you’re always a lot of fun. I hope your day is amazing and you have the best year of your life. Love you!❤ Justme

Message me again Calvin and i'm phoning the cops Gagaluv

Happy birthday bro top lad top respect init Bengalboy

omg yay happy birthday!!!! i love u so much. I'm sorry i picked gigi please forgive me <3 have a smashing day babe will make up for it later :* Brenla

Happy Birthday old friend. Hope you had/have a great day and many many more to come. Don't be a stranger and message me sometime. love you nerd Bowkane (fakeass)

CALVIN!!! <3 <3 I’m so glad we talk now, you literally make me laugh like no other. We were destined to be friends because we literally finish each other’s vine references and it’s just… too iconic. I love how unique you are and you don’t care about people thinking you’re weird. LOVE YOU ALWAYS <3 Gardenia


Penblwydd Hapus Calvin! Hope you have a lovely day! x michellewilliams

happy happy birthday cracker! i wish you a year full of good vibes and love MelloJello

Yo yo is i love you very much, Always been a great friend and of course wishing you the best wishes o by our birthday! Thank you for carrying me for over 10 merges now. LOVE YOU YOU OLD SHIT < 33 Willie_

Happy birthday, legend. I hope your day is wonderful and possess happiness and health in the new year. Mwah. aria_


Happy Birthday Calvin!
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hbd gl hf!
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🍻 cheers Calvin!
Sent by k4r4k,Jan 3, 2018
Happy Birthday Calvin!
Sent by Philip13,Jan 3, 2018
LOL why did you include danielledonato’s crudeness??

Thank you everyone especially you oliviaxoxo :)
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jan 3, 2018
i was working
happy birthday!!!!!!!!! ily smoothstalker12
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Happy birthday buddy :)
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Happy birthday Smoothstalker12
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Happy Birthday bud!
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Happy birthday calvin
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happy bday calvin!
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