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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Survivor Failure

Aug 22, 2023 by Lacszlo
Just got voted out of my Survivor tribe over a person who did NONE of the first three chellenges 馃槶 this is a sign Survivor is really not my cup of tea, I actually liked my tribe oh well 馃槖 whatever


Bro 馃槥
Sent by Almeida008,Aug 22, 2023
sorry man i didn鈥檛 vote at all. no one told me anything
Sent by dannyjr0587,Aug 22, 2023
i think u should keep trying bb. ur scores were there and you've merged before, i saw it firsthand 馃挍 i got 11th 3 times in a row in my first five games and that's when i flicked a switch
Sent by daveycool,Aug 22, 2023
Thanks daveycool 馃挃

Its ok dannyjr0587 honestly I thought getting robzilla out was like a no brainer
Sent by Lacszlo,Aug 22, 2023
same is about to happen to me
Sent by CallMeTheGOAT,Aug 22, 2023
Lacszlo stay mad with that 19th!
It's just a online game!... Be mad at the five ppl who voted you... Lol cause I didn't vote or play!
Sent by MrRobzilla,Aug 23, 2023
MrRobzilla I'm not exactly mad lmao just disappointed since I thought I have friends on the tribe and don't understand their reasoning with keeping you who didnt play in a single comp since the game started. Why was I a threat? If they got me here they wouldve taken me just as easy any round really.
Sent by Lacszlo,Aug 23, 2023

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