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Final veto in charity

Aug 31, 2023 by Lacszlo
So, I hold the final veto at F5 at my charity - do I use? I know when others have it, Its better not to use - but since I'm the charity holder? Is it gonna hurt me more when I "forget" to use the power I have, or is it more hurtful that someone gets Veto used on them - giving them a better shot at beating me? I'm a bit confused now lol


do not take my word for this, but i believe u are supposed to use it. hopefully on the most inactive/ likely to get third
also if the vetoed person is negging per usual i would think it cancels out some power they gain
Sent by daveycool,Aug 31, 2023

I was the charity holder. I was already safe like you . I DIDNt use it. And I won. I but say do not use it .  By saving someone else could change it up
Sent by Travisk30,Aug 31, 2023

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