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It's difficult for me to uderstand the scandal around Faygo

16thJul 16, 2023 by Lacszlo
Here in Czechia you can legally have sex when you turn 15 so I guess it's hard for me to understand how you can be a pedo towards a 17 year old. Sorry about that. I have a friend whose sister is 17 and dating a a 29 year old (I think?).

I had roomates who started dating at 18 and 27 and they are one of my favorite couples I know.

The closest thing to a grooming situation was probably my friend who was 27 and married to a guy in his 50's (they are dovorced now).

So idk. It's kinda weird tbh because you can legally have sex with a 15-year old in my country but if you take intimate photos of them it's child porn and a crime. Doesn't make sense at all tbh.

Anyways it was weird how these allegations popped up right before the finale and I've not seen them anywhere the first 4 times Faygo was nominated. I understand this would be a problem if he was like 50? But a 25 year old flirting with a 17 year old? I mean I would not do that personally, but it just somehow does not sound weird to me, sorry.


25 and 17 are at completely different life stages and the 17-year-old is not even close to being finished having their frontal cortex fully developed like someone who has been paying bills for years should not be going out with someone who is still in school. idk why people plussed this but ...
Sent by Runaways,Jul 16, 2023
But what difference is 17 and 18? I think that that's the point that she's trying to make, Runaways. I agree that it's creepy, but the main focus has been legality. Whether you agree think that that should be the focus or not unfortunately is not the point.
Sent by CJtheIslander,Jul 16, 2023
I get what you mean, in central-eastern europe its definetly veryyy common for 16-17 (sometimes even 15 tbh) year old girls to date guys far into their 20s, sometimes even 30s. Several of my high school classmates did too. Everyone knew, some might have said its kinda weird but since its so common there wasnt a big deal about it. idk if id call this normal or correct i dont even wanna debate that im just sayin
Sent by atti12,Jul 16, 2023

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