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STARS - Nominated for 6th

9thSep 15, 2023 by Lacszlo
Hello Tengaged, Lacs here again! Let me tell you, this Stars game is such a rollercoaster ride. I made f6, which already is such an amazing result I never saw coming when joining! I previously played Stars only once and wasn't really happy with the result and I didn't have much fun. Didn't really know how to approach the game or other players and how to solidify deals and felt completely lost.
This time around, it honestly isn't all that much better 馃槀馃槄 up on the block for a 3rd time, I do struggle with my connections (joining a cast where I barely know anyone wasnt maybe my brightest idea lmao) and with strategy, but truth is - I do have fun. I do try my hardest (that's when I usually end up on the block 馃槀 ), and when I fail, I shake it off and get up from the ground even stronger, ready to give some more.

I feel excitement, I feel disappointment, I feel sadness, I feel it all, I feel the rush!

Please send me back into the house, give me one more chance give me the push! I will be eternally grateful 馃槉鉂わ笍 I honestly feel like this is my time to shine!

Good luck Ginger, you are a strong opponent, definetly my biggest competition so far!


Good luck 馃┓
Sent by Hyuna,Sep 15, 2023

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