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Stars 777 Sep 30, 2023
Can someone explain wtf is going on to me? They all got autoenrolled and also banned so they can't do nominations? Is that some kind of celebration for 777 or am I missing something lmao
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So many fucked up charities recently Sep 24, 2023
And also nothing new to bet on. This really is a dark era of Tengaged. Where did all respect go???
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Love my new haircut 鉂わ笍 Sep 18, 2023
Thank you SeongWoo it's superb hot 鉂わ笍

and also thanks Straspytlicek for buying it for me! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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Blood level 馃└馃└馃└ Sep 17, 2023
Gets 3rd in Stars, buys Blood immediately 鉂わ笍馃拫 can't believe I'm already almost at TV!!! That is so unbelievable to me 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍馃└馃
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Thank you 18,9%! Sep 17, 2023
3rd place is a lovely result I never expected when joining these Stars and it makes me happy and that's all that matters! 鉂わ笍

Congrats both BbDamian and TheDeceiver! You guys deserve it!
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STARS final 3 plea! Sep 16, 2023
Hello Tengaged! Here's Lazlo and his F3 plea for Stars and overall just wanna share my thoughts looking back on this crazy game.

My decision to join this game was very spontaneous and I almost immediatelly regreted it, because looking at the cast, I barely knew anyone and if I did and played some game with them in the past, I don't remember at all, so it must have been very brief encounter that didn't bring me any automatic allies from day 1.
There was also pens87 in the cast, an inactive skeleton for 1800 days (around 6 years!), put in by their frat president seana86. I think everyone at that point thought the skeleton was gonna stomp the game thanks to Tengaged's ironic stanning and I believe we were all pretty bummed about it. I wanted to ignore Pens at first, but most of the cast wanted to put him up for 16th but no one really wanted to go up with him. I was worried that if we put someone weak up with pens, he would survive and already the flavoring would start and it would get harder to get him out of the game, round by round. I decided to volunteer to go up with him, partially because I didn't know people in the cast and wasnt sure about their popularity so I decided to trust in mine 馃槀 worst case scenario? I get out of this mess before I have to put any real effort into it and into building 14 new relationships with strangers.
In the end, I did beat pens and stayed and I think it also quite boosted my status up and helped me survive a few rounds unnominated. I did struggle with the even-numbered sets in my 1st Stars attempt, I struggled here too and will struggle in the future aswell, unless I join a cast that would consist of mostly Europeans (because my sleeping schedule is just completely different from Americans or Brazilians and many times I just had to rely on my allies that they would back me up and tell me what's gonna be the next set, because whenever I woke up for DC, everyone else on the cast was asleep).

After that, we put Fares and Dalvin for 15th basically for inactivity. For 14th, Damian sketched a few people out in the cast and we decided to put him up. For his opponent, we ultimately chose Kimistry, who I even suggested to Ginger as someone I thought could beat Damian. This is where my distrust with Ginger begun, as like 5 minutes later I was told the entire cast suddenly knows about the Damian/Kimistry set and that it came from me (when I only were discussing out possibilities with Ginger). At the same time, the whole group of SamHamwich, Ginger, AyeEye, Tundra, BeastBoy and Wyatt was targeted for likely working together and I decided to join the other side of the house where I felt a little more secure in the long run.
We put the 6 of them up in the next 3 sets, and our big alliance of 7 worked very well at that point in the game. During this period, I tried my best to deepen my bonds with mostly Damian and Cato, who I considered my main allies. I also wanted to work with Popper and thought it's a really good idea to protect each other from nominations (as Cato and Popper were the last 2 unnomed and me and Damian were one of the first people to survive polls and could have gotten targeted for renoms early). This ultimately didn't work out for long, basically only for 10th (where Times got put up which I wasnt very happy about, because I wanted to work with him longterm too).
After that, Damian turned his back on me and Cato and we ended up on the block together. Whn I survived the poll with Cato, I really struggled to get back on my feet and regain some grip on the game. I didn't exactly trust anyone at that point in the game but I had to make it work somehow if I didn't want to go up like every other poll.
I continued working mostly with Damian (even tho I DID lock him in for like 7th, 6th and 4th xD), but I never worked out and I had to lie here and there a little bit more. I tried every possible angle I could think of, but basically I felt like the more I tried, the easier it resulted in me going back up on the block. I ended up in a set for 6th with Ginger, which I survived just barely and I was very proud about that and was hoping it could propell me into the finale, but then I almost went up for 4th (thanks algo!).

So, in a way, I bumblefucked my way up here in a sense, yeah 馃槄 but the effort was there and I can honestly say I did my best and can look back on this game and be proud of the way I played. Maybe it was the social connections I really did not have in this cast. Maybe I made some mess here and there. Maybe it's just my bad small talk abilities 馃槄 Maybe it's just the Stars format that I finally don't find extremely confusing anymore. I'm sure next time I can do even better. Not that I plan to play Stars anytime soon again 馃槄 I need some rest.

So yeah, this is my plea. I tried to explain to you this game from my point of view the best I could. I think I would make a worthy winner for this game so please, give me my first Stars win! 鉂わ笍
I wish the best of luck to my opponents TheDeceiver and BbDamian too - they played great games too and I believe all 3 of us deserve this finale!

But if you want to crown a completely new winner to Stars - please consider me! I'm right here and it would make me really happy! 鉂わ笍

Thank you!
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