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Sorry about Vetoing Milliv

Jun 9, 2023 by Lacszlo
I'm really sorry about Vetoing Milliv in Titos's charity. I thought it's the safest way to ensure the charity working out, since she was banned days ago and seemed like an easy opponent :/ I could've pushed myself to the f3 and it did feel like a waste of karma to give her top 3... now this.

I feel a lot of guilt from this, definetly something I didn't need today man ://

I really apologize to the whole tengaged community.


Should have just not used it tbh
Sent by connorthomson,Jun 9, 2023
Nah i 100% get what you where doing, it made sense to do it since she got banned, i don't blame ya!
Sent by paul028,Jun 9, 2023
it aint this deep
Sent by princesspretty,Jun 9, 2023
ok... I also felt it would be bad to just have Fendi spam with titos on final day... idk thanks for support, I just hate myself a bit right now xD
Sent by Lacszlo,Jun 9, 2023
Did titos forget to vote? That could be why too
Sent by chad123,Jun 9, 2023
the vote says it was 1-2-3 so I think titos voted
Sent by Lacszlo,Jun 9, 2023
wait... maybe not then? I think I forgot how math works, that means only 1 person voted right
Sent by Lacszlo,Jun 9, 2023
theres no need to beat yourself down about it xx everyone who placed a bet at least got a bit back! this is a really good lesson ill remember when the same situation comes up as im sure it will. xxxx
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Jun 9, 2023
Yes that would mean only one voted
Sent by chad123,Jun 9, 2023

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