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The Voice Season 13 Recap

Dec 21, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th

12th - Jon Mero
11th - Janice Freeman
10th - Shi'Ann Jones
9th - Ashland Craft
8th - Davon Fleming
7th - Keisha Renee
6th - Adam Cunningham
5th - Noah Mac
4th - Red Marlow
3rd - Brooke Simpson
2nd - Addison Agen
1st - Chloe Kohanski

My playlist from this season:

"Stone Cold" - Brooke Simpson
"Try a Little Tenderness" - Chris Weaver
"This Woman's Work" - Lucas Holliday
"Rise Up" - Esera Tuaolo
"You Are My Sunshine" - Ashland Craft
"Me and Mr. Jones" - Davon Fleming
"Crazy On You" - Moriah Formica
"Way Down We Go" - Noah Mac
"Jolene" - Addison Agen
"Summertime" - Emily Luther
"You're So Vain" - Karli Webster
"Latch" - Ignatious Carmouche
"The Chain" - Chloe Kohanski
"Georgia on My Mind" - Brandon Brown
"Can't Feel My Face" - Megan McNeal
"New Soul" - Illiana Viramontes

"You're a Big Girl Now" - Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman
"Dangerous Woman" - Chris Weaver vs. Kathrina Feigh
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" - Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac
"My Prerogative" - Lucas Holliday vs. Megan McNeal
"I'm Your Baby Tonight" - Davon Fleming vs. Maharasyi
"Cold Water" - Brandon Showell vs. Hannah Mrozak
"W.O.M.A.N." - Janice Freeman vs. Katrina Rose
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" - Addison Agen vs. Karli Webster
"Unaware" - Eric Lyn vs. Ignatious Carmouche

"Landslide" - Chloe Kohanski
"I Can Only Imagine" - Davon Fleming
"I'm Goin' Down" - Janice Freeman
"Either Way" - Adam Cunningham
"Glitter in the Air" - Emily Luther
"Hold Back the River" - Noah Mac
"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" - Brooke Simpson
"Behind These Hazel Eyes" - Moriah Formica
"I Put a Spell On You" - Chris Weaver
"Love on the Brain" - Hannah Mrozak
"Outskirts of Heaven" - Red Marlow

"I Am Changing" - Davon Fleming
"In the Air Tonight" - Noah Mac
"Love Can Build a Bridge" - Keisha Renee
"Fall For You" - Janice Freeman
"Time After Time" - Chloe Kohanski
"It's a Man's Man's Man's World" - Brooke Simpson
"Lovesong" - Emily Luther
"World Without You" - Moriah Formica
"Have a Little Faith in Me" - Adam Cunningham

"She Used to Be Mine" - Addison Agen
"Thank You" - Chloe Kohanski
"The Story" - Janice Freeman
"Midnight to Georgia" - Keisha Renee
"Total Eclipse of the Heart" - Chloe Kohanski
"A Case of You" - Addison Agen
"It Matters to Me" - Keisha Renee
"All By Myself" - Keisha Renee
"Lucky" - Addison Agen
"Call Me" - Chloe Kohanski
"I'm Already There" - Adam Cunnginham
"Both Sides Now" - Addison Agen
"Faithfully" - Brooke Simpson
"I Want to Know What Love Is" - Chloe Kohanski
"What Hurts the Most" - Keisha Renee
"Falling Slowly" - Addison Agen & Adam Levine
"O Holy Night" - Brooke Simpson
"Tennessee Rain" - Addison Agen
"Bette Davis Eyes" - Chloe Kohanski

A total of 64 songs were added this year to my The Voice playlist on youtube, which is 15 less than last year, but 19 more than season 11. Overall, these last two seasons were really good, imo. As for who had the most amount of performances added to my playlist, the rankings come in as:

Chloe Kohanski - 8
Addison Agen - 8
Brooke Simpson - 6
Keisha Renee - 6
Davon Fleming - 4
Noah Mac - 4
Janice Freeman - 4
Chris Weaver - 3
Moriah Formica - 3
Emily Luther -3
Adam Cunningham - 3
Lucas Holliday - 2
Karli Webster - 2
Ignatious Carmouche - 2
Meagan McNeal - 2
Hannah Mrozak - 2
Esera Tuaolo - 1
Ashland Craft - 1
Brandon Brown - 1
Illiana Viramontes - 1
Sophia Bollman - 1
Kathrina Feigh - 1
Maharasyi - 1
Brandon Showell - 1
Katrina Rose - 1
Eric Lyn - 1
Red Marlow - 1




stay tuned for a cast put together by me, containing the most robbed contestants of The Voice.


Kob3Sm1th super excited for the most robbed contestants!
Sent by adamsel,Dec 22, 2017
If Emily Luther and Moriah Formica aren't on the most robbed...
Sent by NicoleF,Dec 22, 2017
queen meagen.
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Dec 22, 2017
I watched a few ep this season....happy with the winner she was unique
Sent by Music,Dec 22, 2017
The auditions of Addison, Moriah, Karli, Chloe and Noah ftw
Battles i like Addison/Karli but as a GP i mostly listen to Chris/Katrina lol
Knockouts hm probably Noah best with Moriah, Addison, Karli, Chloe following
Playoffs again Noah and Moriah with some others

All in all i had the same faves from round to round so happy with the final 3, I didn't mention her here but I liked Brooke too
Sent by joe1110,Dec 22, 2017
Jeffery Austin Better be on your robbed list!!!
Sent by MJFJUNE,Dec 23, 2017
MJFJUNE I was going to focus on contestants who were eliminated before the top 12 haha
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Dec 24, 2017

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