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The Voice Season 13 Battles Night 1

Oct 22, 2017 by Kob3Sm1th
"You're a Big Girl Now" - Brooke Simpson (1) vs. Sophia Bollman (24)
"Dangerous Woman" - Chris Weaver (2) vs. Kathrina Feigh (42)
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" - Keisha Renee (10) vs. Noah Mac (11)
"My Prerogative" - Lucas Holiday (3) vs. Meagan McNeal (13)
"Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Adam Pearce (22) vs. Whitney Fenimore (20)
"American Woman" - Moriah Formica (6) vs. Shilo Gold (31)

Lucas (3) vs. Meagan (13)
-Who should've won: Lucas
-Who won: Lucas
-Should Meagan have been stolen?: I thought so.
-Was she stolen?: No

Brooke (1) vs. Sophia (24)
-Who should've won: Brooke
-Who won: Brooke
-Should Sophia have been stolen?: If she didn't screw up a couple of times, I would so FOR SURE.
-Was she stolen?: No

Keisha (10) vs. Noah (11)
-Who should've won: Keisha
-Who won: Keisha
-Should Noah have been stolen?: Yea
-Was he stolen?: Yep!

Moriah (6) vs. Shilo (31)
-Who should've won: Moriah
-Who won: Moriah
-Should Shilo have been stolen?: No, but she improved a lot from her audition to her battle!
-Was she stolen?: No

Adam (22) vs. Whitney (20)
-Who should've won: Adam
-Who won: Adam
-Should Whitney have been stolen?: It's a toss up tbh.
-Was she stolen?: Yep

Chris (2) vs. Kathrina (42)
-Who should've won: Chris
-Who won: Chris
-Should Kathrina have been stolen?: She definitely stepped it up, but idts.
-Was she stolen?: Yes

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Chris Weaver
3. Lucas Holiday
4. Keisha Renee
5. Noah Mac
6. Moriah Formica
7. Adam Pearce
8. Whitney Fenimore
9. Kathrina Feigh


Coach Rankings:

#TeamJHud Average Ranking: 3rd

1. Chris Weaver
2. Lucas Holiday
3. Noah Mac

#TeamMiley Average Ranking: 5th

1. Brooke Simpson
2. Moriah Formica
3. Whitney Fenimore

#TeamAdam Average Ranking: 7th

1. Adam Pearce

#TeamBlake Average Ranking: 7th

1. Keisha Renee
2. Kathrina Feigh


Battles Night 1 Notes:

1. FINALLY almost caught up on this season! Sorry!

2. ANYWAYS, I honestly thought this was a really good night of battles! I don't think any of the battles were bad, tbh!

3. Ok, so maybe Brooke vs. Sophia wasn't the absolute best battle of the night, BUT Brooke was so fucking good, that I didn't even care. She is A M A Z I N G.

4. Sophia did well against Brooke, but she definitely slipped in a few places.

5. Chris vs. Kathrina was INTENSE. Chris has a voice that I can't even explain. His low voice when he growls is so fucking good. Kathrina was meh, but she definitely came to play, knowing who she was up against. Kathrina was fun to watch, to say the least.

6. Keisha and Noah were both very good as well! I was super pleased with their battle and I'm glad they both made it through!

7. Lucas vs. Meagan was a lot of fun to watch. They both performed very well, although I think I had more fun watching them than actually listening to them. I thought Lucas was better in his audition, but he was still good here.

8. Adam and Whitney probably had the most forgettable battle of the night, BUT, it still sounded really good. They were definitely not bad at all, just slightly forgettable.

9. I liked Moriah's audition so much more than her battle, but she was still good here. Shilo definitely shocked me, though. Moriah has a brighter future and I think is a better singer, but Shilo's voice is still pretty damn cool. Everyone knew Moriah was going to win that battle though lol.



battles are sooo good this season
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Oct 22, 2017
My only negative about this episode was that I was not a fan of almost seemed like she was trying too hard to keep up with Chris ...I could be dead wrong but that's just what my ears picked up
Sent by MJFJUNE,Oct 22, 2017
MJFJUNE I totally agree. With that being said, it was kind of fun watching her give 110%, even tho it was straining her voice haha

Chris KILLED it tho haha
Sent by Kob3Sm1th,Oct 22, 2017
^^^ bump but I wish she wasnt stolen hah I dont see her going that much further with Blake, but who knows.
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 22, 2017

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