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♛Happy 19th Birthday Jamie!♛

2ndOct 24, 2015 by JasonXtreme
imageHappy Birthday JamieAndre!

Me and Tyler93 went undercover this week to prepare this blog for you! Huge Thanks to Tyler, couldnt have done it without you buddy! So we collected some bday msgs from some friends! I hope you enjoy waking up to these msgs!!!!

Jamie even though u only know me for my pink hair (Which I don’t even have anymore cuz it got ugly) I wish u the best of luck on ur birthday even though we don’t know each other that well, u seem like a really cool person, Hope u get to throw a cake at someone, thats always - Yepal

Happy Birthday Jamie! I hope you really enjoy the day and have a lot of fun! You really deserve it, as you are such a great friend and PAL to talk to! It's been a pleasure knowing you for about a year now and I really enjoyed chatting, playing games, and betting on soccer with ya! I'm glad we have been friends for so long, even tho we disagree on a lot of things! (Chelsea > Aresenal) and it rocks how we are still best of friends :) Anyways I hope you celebrate the day with your close friends and family and party hard and just have FUN!!! Have a great birthday mate, wish you the best :) Thanks for being one of my best bros on tg! ENJOY the day! Happy 19th!
P.S. Arsenal will always suck and Reus>Fabregas! But for today I'll agree with ya! HBD!
- JasonXtreme

SURPRISE!!! Happy birthday jamie!! Enjoy your 16th birthday much love xxx - Africanwoman (SMOOOTH ITS HIS 19th TOM!!!!)

Hey Gunners fan,happy birthday!!!You are such an amazing person and I really really like chatting and talking with you:). I really wish you the best of luck and I do hope our friendship will continue all the way :). - Liukbb

Jamie you are a great guy to talk to Bro I hope you have a great Birthday and it would be nice to see Arsenal winning to make your birthday weekend even better :) - Joshie1

JAMIE my birthday twin (highfive) have an amazing day my friend!!! Party hard, drink lots and keep on being the cool cat you are!! Much love :) - ados707

Jamie!< 3 Happy 19th Birthday! We recently met and even though we don't talk as often as I would like I really enjoy it when we do! I hope you have an awesome day, with many more years to come!
- JesseM


Happy Birthday Jamie, I hope you have a great day! We haven't spoken that often recently since we've both been a bit inactive, but I hope to talk with you a bit more in the near future because you're a great guy! Enjoy your day and have fun!
- Smoothstalker12

Happy birthday Jamie dodgeeeerss!! Feels like I've known you forever. Even though we haven't talked in a while i always feel youre there for me and back atcha bro. Miss you lots but i hope you have the best day that you deserve! love you xxx
- Oliviaxoxo

JAMIE. I think if there was one british guy I despise the most, you would be one of my considerations ;) HOWEVER, just like a man will always love his dog, I will always love you! :P jk, you have been a great guy to get to know over my time on tengy. you were my protégé and a shining star, and even though we don't talk that much anymore these days. you know I always got your back, no matter what :) hope you have a great birthday with friends and family. have an extra drink on me tonight all the way from Canada. got prepare you for drinks together one day :D HBD!
- Tyler93

You are such a sweetheart and I'm so happy to have become friends with you on Tengaged. I hope you have a fucking bombass birthday < 3
- Electraviv

Dear Jamie - Happy Birthday, hope you have a amazing day you are a amazing friend and I hope you have the best day ever and I hope we can speak more in the future you are really nice :)
- Harry1210

Happy birthday Jamie!! You are one of the nicest and coolest people on this site. Im quite sure you are the same irl too haha.. Your weird and innovative pyn blogs are awesome tbh :D Happy birthday, have a great year ahead bro! :)
- acyuta

Jamie, you're one of the guys that people would say "they'd wanna have a beer with", but since I do not drink, i'll have a soda ty. You're a great dude, you're extremely charming, funny, and a great friend. You're easy to talk to and a joy to be around. I love talking and getting to know you. You have a lot of heart. Anyways today is your birthday and I'm gonna guess you're turning 20!! So have a blast, my 20th was my best day ever and hopefully you enjoy your day with family and friends! And eat an extra slice of cake for me!!! :D - m7md26

Happy birthday! Have a great day :) Arsenal still suck :)))
- Blitszims

JAMIE! Happy Birthday mate! :) we haven't known each other long but you're pretty great, thanks for giving me advice on some things and making me laugh with your comments in the frat chat! What was it? "U can Pie in a rookies?" LOL, and get ugly, you're putting the rest of us to shame =( Have a good birthday, as Geordie Shore would say "go get mortal on the toon" ^.^
- dandoe

The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday for the champ Jamie ! - Arris

Happy Birthday Jamie :D ever since i got to meet you i've always loved talking about soccer/football with you, can't wait till man city face arsenal to see how you react when we destroy you guys :D haha i think you're cool and happy birthday once again - TDATrentsgroup

Jamieeee !!! (heart) Happy bday!!! omfg 19 is a big number :P  Poland's #1 hater (heart) jk ,but I love you so much! You were one of my first friends i've met in old affinity chat :) You were always super supportive and nice! Who am i kidding,not nice LOL But super funny for sure ;)  I really like talking to you and you are defo a fun person to have around. I wish you money,vodka,great friends,great girlfriend or boyfriend (lol),all the best in life,because you deserve it and again vodka ;) You'll always be my TG older annoying brother (heart) - FairyBoss

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE! It's a shame we haven't had the chance to speak much recently but it's probably a good sign cause you've been spending more time enjoying your life rather than being on here haha. Here's to another great year for you, hope a great guy like you has a great birthday!
- LewisC

hey jamie < 3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Even though we have only known each other for about a month, i love talking to you on skype cause you’re so funny LOL! even though I don’t understand half the things you say because you’re from the UK and i’m from america haha. i still love you though! I hope you have a wonderful day today and I hope we can talk more. I’m going to use your famous line, “now fuck off” and have a happy birthday babe (kiss) - RobertGuajardo

Happy Birthday Jamie! Have a wonderful day pal!


Happy Birthday! At least you support a decent team :)
Sent by Natepresnell,Oct 24, 2015
hbd jamie babe :*
Sent by RobertGuajardo,Oct 24, 2015
Happy Birthday JamieAndre :)  Have a great day
Sent by Boots22,Oct 24, 2015
LOL my msg. happy bday :)
Sent by Blitszims,Oct 24, 2015
YAY Happy Birthday JamieAndre < 3
Sent by JesseM,Oct 24, 2015
Good work Jason :) have a great day Jamie :)
Sent by Tyler93,Oct 24, 2015
Happy Birthday JamieAndre :)
Sent by acyuta,Oct 25, 2015
Love you Jamie ! :D Have a fun day
Sent by FairyBoss,Oct 25, 2015
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Oct 25, 2015
and Arsenal won yday so wiiiiii
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Oct 25, 2015
jasonxtreme tyler93 Thanks guys! and everyone else! I'll read all of it after, kinda long :)
surprised you knew it was my b'day, but very much appreciated. Cheers guys!
Sent by JamieAndre,Oct 25, 2015
Happy birthday JamieAndre
Sent by FlamingJojo,Oct 25, 2015
Sent by MikeRORO,Oct 25, 2015
Ikr jamieandre we didn't know you had so many friends ;)
Sent by Tyler93,Oct 25, 2015
awwww happy birthday! JamieAndre
Sent by skyler1822,Oct 25, 2015
Happy Birthdayyyyyy JamieAndre :)
Sent by Vanili,Oct 25, 2015
-15 because of that ugly pic

lol jk happy birthday JamieAndre :DD
Sent by TDATrentsgroup,Oct 25, 2015
Happy bday buddy
Sent by Lucinda,Oct 25, 2015
Happy birthday :)
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Oct 25, 2015
Happy Birthday!!! JamieAndre
Sent by Anoreoz897,Oct 25, 2015
Hbd Jamie
Sent by MitchTheMachine,Oct 25, 2015

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