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WE ARE DORTMUND Feb 18, 2020
Fk PSG!!!!
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GF broke up with me Jan 13, 2020
and she moved on to another guy in like a day

2 years man

these hoes aint fucking loyal
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Today sucked. Jun 20, 2019
Got off work to a pissed off girlfriend because I followed a girl back on ig that she didn’t like and then I didn’t want her to be mad so I commuted 1 hour to her place and bought flowers and bubble tea for her and she got pissed and threw out the bubble tea and told me to go away.

So here I am now finally home after commuting 2 hours in total in the pouring rain in Toronto feeling the lowest I’ve been in a long ass time.

Why are people so mean :( it actually hurts
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PYN for a short opinion May 23, 2019
if i dont know you I'll look at your profile and say something

Eoin: So I've been on and off this site but your name is really bugging me cuz I swear I know you! Idk if it's from a game or by association or bc I used to be on this site bare time LOL. But yeah looked up your profile and I'm a Canadian who doesn't follow U.S. politics as much so today I learned about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

Mikec51: Okay so I swear I know you from before this Survivor but I guess we never got to talk or meet earlier I guess bc of lack of opportunity! But man it's been great meeting you in this Vivor and I can tell youre a sick guy, love that mail response to my comment on your blog... real one! The journey is the key my guy !!

piesyumyyumypies: Hey man I dont think we've ever met and I guess that's because I'm a loaf of a tengaged user now. Checked out ur profile and mannnn I fk wit B99!! Shoot me a mail we should talk sometime!

Arris: LOL I dont need to give an opinion because you know where you stand in my tengaged life. Literally you are like an older brother to me and I couldn't have asked for a better friend on this site. I remember the Parek days in Affinity with you n Carla like it was yesterday! Also throwback to when our avis were both ugly af LOL. #1 Friend on tg for a reason <3

Bengalboy: I used to think you were the coolest tengageder on this site, your blogs were dope and your avatar was always a classic. I remember a noob and being like damn... this bengalboy guy really is a serious player !! ur kpg man just great!! Haha, but yeah Dru you've always been a top guy and I respect you a lot. Your humour is a great asset to this community!

christossss: Lil chris, another partner in crime! I miss the old days back in Winterfell when Affinity was one big happy family :) I think we first met via a frookies actually and man oh man have we been on a journey! Really appreciate seeing you around and still being able to talk and chill with you -- really reminds me of what a great place this can be :) btw sorry for being the biggest slacker in the world with snap... also I'm looking forward to dropping some JUICEY news with you!!! Thanks for being one of the best friends a guy can ask for on this site! miss those Wildddd calls too

Calebdaboss: So I actually remember you from before and I guess that was like almost 5 years ago?! But back then I think we met in a fastings and you always seemed like a chill guy, I think you were just startin up back then and mannn you've come a long way! Time flies and I guess youre reminding me of how long ive been gone for haha

Thumper91: Heyy it's been a while! As always you are definitely one of the nicest people on this site and I really respect that! We've always had a lot of mutual friends so that's always a plus as well! But honestly, it's always very nice to see you bc you are so positive and always bringing great energy! Always been a fan of Thumper91 :)

Thirteen: Ah an old friend from the Dark world LOOOL. Well how could I forget ya, always been a unique guy with a cool (interesting?) passions? In the beginning tho I thought you were kinda weird but hey everyones got their passions! I think it was a casting with Woe that really allowed me to get to kinda know you?!!? but ya hope all is well! avi looking as fine as ever!

brandonpinzu: Ahh what a throwback haha! Good to see you back around man! I remember back in the day when I was on my first stint with this website as a noob and I really thought you were a sick guy and wanted to get to know you so I started to mail you. Man I was prob real annoying but you took me in and I really appreciated your mentorship and general talks as a whole! It really sucks that we havent really kept in touch since (lowkey like 7 years ago LOL) but damn it's stuck with me and I really respect you and always thought you were a great GREAT guy :) Much love! we gotta catch up sometime!

coreyants: Another oldie that I remember, while I know there's been a shit ton of drama with you I've never bothered to be involved so I really don't know what happened or whatever but yeah, I think we've been in a couple of games together (survivor?) but I can't say I know you well just remember you from back in the day, but I really rate ur second friend on ur list #Koin!

Magix: So I'm gonna be honest I dont really know you but you seem interesting, noob queen is a huge title to be given to someone so idk if you deserve it!!! LOOL all jokes aside I also love chatting and making new friends shoot me a mail or something would love to get to know you!

Harry1210: Harry! It's been a while honestly idk if you still remember me much but I remember the days I think when we were both in Affinity? or did we meet in The FraT? but either way I remember having some talks every now and then in the group skype chat! Pretty good stuff and honestly I miss all of yall

Megan: Megan! Another old friend, I loved the old chats we had about football, I personally dont like the cowboys but I gotta say you make them a lot more bearable LOOOL! you are super nice and always a pleasure to talk to! But when it comes to football we gonna be enemies haha Go Lions!!

gabrieltrezza: Hey there! I cant say I know you but I peeped your profile and you got some great friends :D Your front page is stackkeeddd except for like christossss and arris smhhhh so I know I'd vibe with you! haha I'd love to get to know you and I'll leak all the embarrassing things christossss has doneLOL. Definitely spot some friendship potential here!!!

Gigi10: If it aint... LOOL hey bud honestly gonna have to be honest and say I've missed talking to ya and the JJSTG gang, you guys were a huge part to my happiness on tengay and I really appreciate all the shit youve done for me. You're a top guy and one of my favorites on this site. You do fall short in terms of NFL but you make up for it in EPL :D Glad you started watching soccer brah! LOL also thanks for carrying my thiccc ass to that hunger win years back! Hope we continue to stay close fifi, miss ya bro!
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Can any old tgers relate May 11, 2019
to the feeling of sadness when you look thru your friendslist and old blog posts, and realize that a lot of your old friends who used to make this site a great hangout have since gone inactive?

It's crazy to think that I'll probably never have a chance to talk to most of my inactive friends again, but honestly, this sadness just shows how many great memories we've developed on this site

Even though this site has gone to shit, I love how a lot of the good memories will always be available to revisit through blogs and games records etc.

But honestly, a moment of silence to all those skeletons that we used to call friends... I know they are probably livin life wonderfully, but I just wish I could hit them up for a five minute chat and catch up. NGL I miss so many users, I know it sounds dumb but for the amount of time I've spent on this site, it's taken a huge place in my heart and I really wish there was some time machine to bring my bros and gals back.

Long blog probably won't be read by most, but shoutout to all my friends who are now inactive but have made tengaged an experience I'll always appreciate


I would individually list y'all but y'all know who you are

lmao im in some deep zone rn
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Essay due in 20 mins Mar 13, 2019
but decided to visit Tengaged for the first time in a month because I hate citing
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