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  1. It's been a minute
  2. So Proud of Canada
  3. So I lost back to back
  4. anyone know where I can find
  5. First time playing the new comps
  6. What's a good show on Netflix
  7. Hey
  8. Yo wtf
  9. Yo Tengaged
  10. Anyone know computers
  11. Aegon is an ugly ass name
  13. Yo Tengaged
  14. Woah
  15. 6 words.
  16. r there still no mods
  17. Hey Tengaged
  18. What a let down
  21. Life without a phone is so limited
  22. Yo soy fiesta
  23. if young metro dont trust you
  24. Americans shouldve saw this coming
  25. When u drop ur phone off at some sketch place
  26. 1/12 chance rn
  27. Gift Giveaway! [LEGIT] JUST PYN
  28. Wow I have 1000ts
  29. When u are uncomfortably third wheeling
  30. Even when they down by 29
  31. I almost feel bad for Aaron Rodgers
  32. Stars Support
  33. Thanks for the gift!
  34. Thanks for the gift!
  35. Fuck me
  36. Hey
  37. Im gonna build a donut wall
  38. Donald Drumpf
  39. Grabner
  40. When u can finally order a fkn drink

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It's been a minute Mar 28, 2018
Sup Tengaged
Points: 40 3 comments
So Proud of Canada Feb 23, 2018
Too bad I haven't been able to watch a minute of the olympics

12 hour time difference+a deranged sleep schedule is not a good combo
Points: 0 0 comments
So I lost back to back Jan 2, 2018
Madden games vs some fuckers online

any tips on relieving high intensive stress and anger?
Points: 30 2 comments
anyone know where I can find Jan 1, 2018
practice links for the new comps?
Points: 10 1 comments
First time playing the new comps Dec 31, 2017
imagethe math one made me realize I'm nowhere near big shaqs level

what is quick maths
Points: 16 1 comments
What's a good show on Netflix Dec 28, 2017
Looking for something to binge watch
Points: 38 3 comments