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1stApr 26, 2018 by Brxan
Let me just hop on Matisse and her cult. Like darling you are not the hottest on this website so stop flaunting something you do not have. You can complain that I use multis or whatever but you join the same games with the same premades? Like you have been here 1 month acting like you have been here for 10 years like bitch back the fuck up before I sock you in the face. I can assure you darling you DO NOT want this and that is a F A C T (in case you can't spell)



Everyone hates u
Sent by Matisse,Apr 26, 2018
you mean bklyntracey ?
Sent by FelipeS,Apr 26, 2018
Im so happy you blogged about her and her cult tbh, it makes me like you more
Sent by paul028,Apr 26, 2018
Fuck Matisse and tdubsurvivor
Sent by Burgerman2929292,Apr 26, 2018
Sent by BitchyJess,Apr 26, 2018
Sent by me2013,Apr 26, 2018
Matisse 14 min ago
by thunder cunt? the delusional 80 year old man who jerks off to Fire?

so now who is the real bully.....
Sent by me2013,Apr 26, 2018
Hunnnn, Matisse is in the HoF as a monthly ranker. She may not have been here 10 years but you gotta give that some credit.

And there is a big difference between joining with friends and using multis one has been around since tg started and one is plain old cheating
Sent by greyconverse,Apr 26, 2018
This isn't about multis and cheating - this is about bullying, intimdation, threats, blackmail and harassment.
Sent by me2013,Apr 26, 2018

Support JSB in Stars
Sent by me2013,Apr 26, 2018
Her and her greasy ass cult
Sent by Babeeeidah,Apr 26, 2018
me2013 okkkkkkkk but to be fair is this blog really any better than the things you are saying are wrong of Matisse?
Sent by greyconverse,Apr 26, 2018
greyconverse I have no issue with you, I "had" no issue with Matisse, BUT she started all this, no one came for her - she calls everyone else out for bullying her, but in fact she is usually the ringleader.
Sent by me2013,Apr 26, 2018
ofc me2013 is always such a victim...
Sent by RobbX2,Apr 26, 2018
ofc me2013 is always such a victim...

I love robbx2 more every day
Sent by TaraG,Apr 26, 2018
First off, don't come at me cause I have resources and friends, both of which you don't have.  Second, idk who the heck you think you are telling my baby that you can beat her up, but she can defend herself physically better than anyone I know in this world, so don't even try.  You are Katiebell and that makes sense because you are a hacker, stalker, and don't care about anyone on this website.  PERIOD.
Sent by tdubsurvivor,Apr 26, 2018
i love it when u get loud
Sent by Hash,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by Matisse,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by temponeptune,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by MartaGH12_,Apr 27, 2018
i made the dumb move to join  casting with it and its fake friends. Lucky me. As a vet i should know better but at this point who the fuck cares
Sent by heatherlum,Apr 27, 2018
Matisse is a fucking cunt
Sent by DJ2722,Apr 27, 2018
get that man
Sent by Blitszims,Apr 27, 2018
+15 i agree
Sent by LoveLife,Apr 27, 2018

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