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i dont get your issue

14thJul 12, 2018 by Brxan
Kwiens18 i simply wanted my friends to be in payouts so i shot you out? Simple......

Sent by 2388,Jul 12, 2018
The fact you don’t see the issue with how things played out given the circumstances is exactly why people legitametely consider you mental and irrational
Sent by kwiens18,Jul 12, 2018
Let me break it down for you, if you shoot out one of your closest allies without a rational (keyword) then there’s a high probability they are going to be pissed, ESPECIALLY if you do it before floaters and multi are dead and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY if they were already planning on suiciding and letting you have the win

Is that clear enough?
Sent by kwiens18,Jul 12, 2018

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