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✬ I Know I'd Go Back To You ✬

20thJun 2, 2018 by Brxan
isn't your mother dying? You have to go scam another person with that excuse right? you should really go check on her! Ametrine


Oh my god I cant at this, yall r gonna be on call tonight as friends
Sent by 2388,Jun 2, 2018
low blow.
Sent by Flirt,Jun 2, 2018
Flirt yup indeed.
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 2, 2018
flirt that was not a low blow a low blow is him lying about it!
Sent by Brxan,Jun 2, 2018
Brxan ur spam is at top omg xoxoxo YAS slay it.
Sent by Ametrine,Jun 2, 2018

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