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4thApr 18, 2018 by Brxan
pyn for a ranking out of 10 and why
Philip13 - 7.4 - We do not really talk or like each other but you have apologized for things you have said so we do not have any real beef and i like you until i am shown or proven wrong.

Hash - 9.3 - You are an amazing and funny person to talk to and i enjoy the calls we go on together and overall love speaking to you ilysm sandy <3

Anthousai - 9.7 - You are literally one of the funniest people i have ever met literally you know how to make someone laugh and the conversations we have on skype are always hilarious to look at and flirting with your boyfriend and you not caring makes it even funnier LOL love you Krista <3

GoodKaren - 8.2 - I know you are a really nice person but we just do not talk much so thats why you are not really higher but i hope we can talk more <3

C00ldude1000 - 7.6 - We also do not really talk except for hunger and stars and they are not really the best experiences between us.

Scooby0000 - 7.6 - I do not really know you but you have always defended me in drama and always mail me to see if i am okay so i appreciate that!

Mathboy9 - 8 - We used to be close but we just are not anymore and we do not talk these days but i still like you.

Stary - 7.9 - I do not know you but you are a good friend of Petro and some other really cool people so you must be great.

Spartagow - 3.2 - I do not like you at all but i only like you because i like to compete with you and it is fun!

BengalBoy - 9.7 - You are always there for me and you are probably one of the funniest people i have ever talked to like literally you never fail to make me smile and thats why i love you so much <3 The second best Dru besides Druhhbby2 (giggle)

Memphis_Grizzlies - 5.2 - You used to always jump on the bandwagon when people would attack me but then you talk to me as nothing happened just know i never forget.

JonMcGillis -  7 - I do not really know you but i always see you on the blogs page and you are always cool and you leave fun and witty comments so yeah hope i can get to know you better!

Absol - 9.3 - You are such a loyal person and you always help me with whatever i need to get done! You are a great friend and i know i can count on you with anything and you also gave me  this very hair i am wearing today!

Christina13 - 8.6 - We were long time friends and we used to always talk on es but we really divided and i wish we talked more! Gl on your shop <3

Koolness234 - 10 - My first 10 on the list! You are absolutely amazing and you always know how to make me happy and despite the time when no one liked me you have always been there for me and you are such an amazing spirit and i am so glad to have you as a close friend lets always slay #FastVival and i cannot wait to stars with you <3

Survivor_Season1 - 10 - Another person that is always here for me you are literally so funny and i love talking to you and i savor our friendship because i know no matter what you are here for me <3

Tyler93 - 10 - We have been friends for a long time and you have always been a great person and you have always defended and stuck by me and i literally love you for it <3

BB5Lover - 10 - We just started becoming friends after not liking each other on #FrozenShadow09 but we really have became friends and i am glad we are because you are really cool and playing games with you are so fun and you literally make me laugh so much! <3

Ashleybabyx3 - 10 - You just keep letting the streak of 10s go! You are such an amazing person and i enjoy calling with you and making fun of you for having a 50 year old boyfriend and living that gucci life. You are a really down to earth person and i know if i needed something i could easily just come to you <3 

AgusII - 6.5 - I do not really know you but we have played a few games together! Hope we can talk more.

Fetish - 8.9 - We do not talk much but you are a really sweet person from what i hear and i hope we can become closer friends and slay the faves in a game one day!

HaliFord - 9.5 - You are always so nice and caring and honestly i enjoy talking to you when i do! Such a sweet gal and i hope we can become close friends <3 because you are pretty damn cool.


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me plz
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thts a rating not a ranking but me
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u dont like me 4 some reason Brxan
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