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Nominated for 7th in Stars 493!

13 JSBReality, Apr 26, 2018

So I tried I guess I made it payouts which i didn't even expect to make haha
So this game was a rollercoaster ride I enjoyed playing w people such as
Hash (this guy is the man!)
maturo/ lexibear (aka manthousai
anthousai (amazing btw too bad id get to know her
cfff  ( Brain king!
Chibideidara idk how to spell his name
titoburitto (did i spell this right sis)
I really tried to base my gameplay off a combination of Oliviaxoxo and Halloween Former winners in stars You can't lie they played amazing games and try to be nice like BengalBoy but you see stars house gets the better of you
I started last summer in TG and these are some people who helped me make it to where I am now LivvieBoo12
GentlemanG (group game host)
gagaluv (amazing designer)
GoodKaren ( Positivity Gal?) and other like iamremedy
Paige54 and FelipeS ( Good people that i tried to be nice just like them
Matt64 ( Game show Host)
FireX ( The guy who sent me in and thought me )
koolness234 ( the person who took me under her wing in Stars 488)
Connor_ - (group game host )
Steefano - ( My TG best friend
all the others from my past list ( list will be updated )
ID like to thank
for making this site idk what i would be doing now
Vlogs :
Normal Vlog ( not blaming spence but some peeps in his frat)

Me trying to do a squeaky voice.... (rap vlog

Not gonna ramble on so Please save me In Stars 493 Thank you!
Thank you for all your support and #LetTheFireBurn



2 FireX, Apr 18, 2018

for saving me for a second time in stars. Ik i say this a lot but its so cool to have all this support in stars and to have made it as far as i have is unreal. No matter what happens or how this game ends i am so thankful for all the help. LET THE FIRE BURN BABY LET IT BURN馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟



6 FireX, Apr 18, 2018

Well they put my ass up for the second time all because i am actually playing the game. I have given EVERYTHING in this game and will continue to do so untill yall evict me.
So i am nommed against RobbX2 and hes a nice guy so i dont got to many bad things to say about him.... But i do have some. He may be unnomed but he came in this game with a premade. I did not. He helped sheep ryry aka halloween. I never will.
I have fought every second of every day to not go up again since last going up for 13th and as you can see it worked for 2 DCs. Sadley i am in a cast full of people who want to sheep halloween. Well idgaf what halloween has to say to me because honestly he still just as pathetic as ever.... But hey you got people to keep you since they all think you takibg them to Finals.
Anyway TG i have had the time of my life playing this crazy AF game and would love if you could send me back in so that I can at least PLAY the GAME unlike some of the goats.
To end i just want to think everyone for the support they have given me. I thought i was a goner last time when i was nommed for 13th and you all surprised me. Ik i aint as commen in stars as other but that was so cool to see TG save me. It means a lot and no matter what i want to thank everyone thats saved me. I coukd not have made it here without you all and if i do make it any longer its because of you guys. Tnxxxx for everything



10 NJKoda1998, Jan 20, 2018

Third times the charm right?
Not gonna campaign against Damien because he's by far the coolest person and friend I've made from playing this game.
All I have to say is, I had a good time. This casts was one of the absolute worst I've seen in a long time, minus a few exceptions of course, and most of ya'll care WAYYYYYY to damn much about that 15 & 30 karma.
I want to give an early congratulations to damo1990 on your Stars Win this week. Well earned, and a worthy winner. <3
Shoutout to my amazing frat Sophrosyne, the incredible #LetTheFireBurn movement for supporting us against the premade, my wonderful TG mother k4r4k for supporting me in this game and making my fabulous new stars signs, Iceey for telling me I should join with him and then failing to join himself after I did, and all the group gamers on Skype who continued to save me each and every time.
Couple more shoutouts to great friends for supporting me in the polls, or for helping me out in the actual game because they joined as well:
@ everyone else I couldn't tag because I only get so many, and I'm doing this off the top of my head right now.
Save Me or Damien here ---> https://tengaged.com/poll/bigbrother-game-179971

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