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17thApr 27, 2018 by Brxan
i wont be filling games with those multis anymore since i have ts to gift now xo! yall can frooks now!!


thanks buddy =]
Sent by peace123,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by born2pizza,Apr 27, 2018
born2pizza love you too
Sent by Brxan,Apr 27, 2018
Brxan i miss you and seth!!!
Sent by JSBReality,Apr 27, 2018
Sent by WhateverTheF,Apr 27, 2018
brxan that's why you joined those two frooks tonight with a gaggle of multis? to earn enough t's to gift? why not just use your own money and buy some t's like i do instead of ruining people's games who joined to have fun and then you come along with 9-10 names and fuck it up? a bit selfish. a bit stupid.
Sent by WhateverTheF,Apr 27, 2018

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