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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Feb 25, 2021 by BigBrotherDonny
for an opinion
I鈥檒l update it in like an hour
give me a top blog thx!

owistubbedmytoe - idk  you but you are the most popular white level duh

3pi14159 - we haven't talked in so long and i miss u so much <33 loved you on your old acc and i always support u in stars king

bengalboy - KING ICON SO GLAD YOU GOT UR ACCOUNT BACK. loves ur blogs. i can always rely on you to comment on my blogs, im a fan x

joey65409 - i dont really know. i dont talk to you much at all and never really have, but you're pretty loyal to your allies in games. when we work together we snap

mrbird - RAULL im sorry i forgot to join your charity. miss talking to u as much as we used to. i miss playing that roblox plate game w/ u. loyal king honestly

lexeyjane - omg xan mom. roblox QUEEN. queen of drama i stan you i love you omg queen mommy loyal im obsessed with u LEGEND.

benp428 - i don't like you due to things ive heard about you. i hope they arent true.

brandonpinzu - honestly i really like you now compared to in the past where i didnt really talk to you much. you're a really good fit for a moderator and i'm glad you came back <3 period

kingb24 - I HATE YOU. jk. you're so fucking loyal <3 in the past stars games ive played with you (other than the last one, fucking bitch!), you've been incredibly loyal to me. we dont talk much outside of games but i really enjoy talking to you

cheritaisdelicious - I literally LOVE you! you are so chill and such a queen. you don't take shit from anyone and i love that about you. i enjoy talking to you and i love playing games w/ u. you make every game way more fun and are always so loyal. <3

amazingbrick - i dont really know much about you, but i enjoy working together in frookies. u always slay duh. i fucking love ur username LOL king :)

christossss - well i didnt think u liked me until today, i really like you now! im sorry for being a bitch to u in the past x. hopefully we can be friends ! skype me bigbrotherdonnytg

matte - ilysm king <3 always so loyal even when we dont talk for like monthss. i can always rely on you in games and you can do the same for me. we def need to talk more

harry1210 - we used to be such good friends but i took a break from the site and we havent talked in a while. hopefully this castings can get us back to where we were lmfaoo <3

iiCreazyGX - ur so good. very loyal person + fun to talk to / play games (specifically roblox) with. so glad ur back on the site, i missed you when you left!

yandereboy12 - ok so i dont really know much about you, but you're really funny and kinda an icon even if u voted me out of frooks. you really are a king/queen and i love that.

eilish - u know how i feel abt u <3 ilysm dad. a true king. loyal. luv.

galaxies - We haven't talked in so damn long. I honestly really like you even though I think we used to hate each other a few years ago. so glad ur back on the site, period.

constancemarie - KINGG. ty for hosting this game even tho im flopping it x. i really like you and think you're funny. i think we either used to talk a lot or not like each other? but idk. i hope we can start new and become friends x

jonmcgillis - i don't know much about you but you are like a blog ICON. always in the damn comments of blogs.

amandabynes - fuck u disloyal bitch! jk ily omg king slay me x stars winner :3 teehee


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Me bitch
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LOL top respect BigBrotherDonny
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