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UGh why are guys so...Not into the little things?

Aug 9, 2014 by BettyRubbble
So i know this may not be a great place to post such a blog. As I am female.  But with us girls its the little things.  They count too.  I find myself trying to get someones attention.  someone who is close.  And they dont see it.  Any advice?


is it a guy?

tell him lol. guys suck at those little games girls like to play. we're too stupid to realize that you want something you pretty much have to spell it out for us
Sent by MickJagger,Aug 9, 2014
You have to be straight and upfront with the guy... the worst he can do is reject your advances which trust me, in time - won't matter to you. With the best case scenario being that he feels the same way or something may proceed.
Take the chance bbe x
Sent by cherryplop11,Aug 9, 2014
I noticed that about myself too but that's just only part of the big picture when it comes to my relations with women
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 9, 2014
MickJagger Yes it is a guy. It is not really a game, I am trying to play.  Just saying things, that he just lets go over his head at times.

cherryplop11 We are in a relationship, so I know the feelings are there. It's like playing a song on purpose, and he cant catch on to what I am trying to express.

DCSooner  First off, nice seeing you around it's been a while now. Just wish guys were more attentive to what girls say. Sometimes, there is a bigger picture, Ya know?

Thanks for all the lovely advice :)
Sent by BettyRubbble,Aug 10, 2014
BettyRubbble haha great to see you are doing ok and yeah that's true but my problem is communicating with women in general. Life long struggle doing that....
Sent by DCSooner,Aug 10, 2014

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