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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Alright Tengaged.... Get into the cyber world....

Mar 21, 2016 by BettyRubbble
Sorry... If you have to add someone to tag them in a post on here... Then they are not doing there job.  Yes I have been inactive, why?  Cuz other sites do it better.  This site rarely gets updates..... "If you want to be "somebody"  be prepared to design or pay real money to get them...Or have the time to spam, or be the 'popular" one to get others to help you out.  Sorry truth be told.  Its fun playing games when you get a good crowd.  Made plenty of friends.  Back in the days...... Now this site is just a who has.... not who plays a good game.... Or then the bullies set in...Or should I say trolls...  This is why I left.  I just came back too see my old friends...


meaning @ to tag
Sent by BettyRubbble,Mar 21, 2016

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