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Just when I thought about leaving tengaged...

Nov 18, 2013 by BettyRubbble
Because I thought my closest friends had left....esp Harley

I meet Stearns   
Long story short.  We met in a game forever ago and exchanged skype contacts.  Never talked, and he messaged me a happy b-day last month.  Got him back on tengaged.  Hopefully, and seriously talking about meeting up.

And then there is Samhuss
What a  great person. A shoulder to cry on...  A laughter to share.   Stories to share and feel alike. 

But I miss

Ugh the list could go on and on.......

Gotta love the internet.  Makes you believe you have friends all over.  People who are just like you, that you would of never met before.



:* < 3
Sent by brandonpinzu,Nov 18, 2013
i love you!!! i wanna play a game soon! but im taking a break starting tomorrow bc i got a new job, so ill be working 2 jobs pretty much everyday and wont have time for tengaged, its seasonal so ill be back in January! but when i come back we need to play a game BettyRubbble < 333333
Sent by tommyboy614,Nov 18, 2013
I miss you too BettyRubbble!  We should really play soon!  We use to have so much fun in games!  Let's talk soon!  Love ya!
Sent by sdriver999,Nov 19, 2013
that list has a lot of trash Mary eww
lol jk :*
Sent by Lamia,Nov 19, 2013
Bless you dear < 3 I love you  < 3
Sent by Samhuss,Nov 19, 2013
BettyRubbble playing castings with you and harley best times for sure
Sent by Daytime,Nov 19, 2013
Whenever you want to join a game message me on skype BettyRubbble
Sent by bluesapphire,Nov 19, 2013
I love you Mary!! Can't wait till Christmas Break when I will have time for games and we will have to join a couple during the break!!
Sent by TaySwifCarrUnd33,Nov 19, 2013

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