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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is cherryplop11


You're witty, sarcastic & just such a laugh. I love how you throw shade at the 'skidmarks of society' on a daily basis! Such a great girl to be around and although i love your blonde pigtails, they gotta go! < 33333 paa-haa ;)

What you just said couldn't be anymore true! Can we like be friends because people like you on tengaged are hard to find xD cherryplop11
Sent by nikw98,Aug 10, 2014

From : Guillomouve
i miss going on calls with you and not understanding 1 single word you say :'(

I just thought it was cute when you got mad

Opinion- Idrk you :( but im sure your nice ! xo

From : Dara4ever
cherryplop11, I love your username as well, and I love cherries! I love your ombre hair, I'm actually dying my hair ombre in a week irl:) I love the look of your AVI! I'm sure your a fierce person.

cherryplop11 how can anyone miss you since you're all the fuck over the blogs page
Sent by lacubanita24,Aug 10, 2014

cherryplop11 You seem like a bad bitch. fierceeee

papibadd 30 min ago
Well anyways tribute to cherry !
Omg you are so fierce ! and i wish we would have talked me seem really chill but everybody was jealous of you so they evicted you -.- but message me sometime , Stay fab :P

Mar 6, 2015 13:08:59
my opinion!
omg hey! We havent talked in the longest time! U were one of my first friends in my noobs days! I hope everything has been going good for u! You are super nice , and I hope we are able to talk more :)


From Simplyobsessed
Re: No title
May 29, 2014 10:10:57
to cherryplop11
Shut up hoe. Don't talk to me like that, have some respect for your superiors.

From nytrell12345
i still have more designs then u
Aug 9, 2014 19:08:27
to cherryplop11

I am going to be the mature one
Aug 9, 2014 by nytrell12345
and walk away so just leave me alone and get a life and you started because you bragged how much ts you have so get your life leave me alone and take care of the 8 babies you have by 8 different men cherryplop11

From : Florina
does this dumb man think he is????
hunny being rude to higher levels doesn't do anything this is the internet u aren't gonna change anything in ur life doin that

From Florina
seriously tho
Aug 16, 2014 22:15:50
to cherryplop11
what did i even do to you wtf im nice idk why youre givin me attitude???

Lmfao at you taking the time to call people out. You've been online since the beginning of 2012, get a life..
Sent by ItsAustin,Aug 27, 2014

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