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Nov 14, 2015 by BettyRubbble
Yes please lets send out thoughts and prayers to those who are effected. But, can we please remember the others.  Those in other places who deal with this daily. Most of us wake up under our comfy beds, complain. Please remember, everyone else..... Prayers for all countries who wake up and hope our families live to see another day.

I have many friends here, who live places other than those who are safe.  Been a bit since i blogged.  But reached out to my friends who I got to know here. 

Lets not just try to to get a to blog, just cuz.   Remember all...

And prayers to those who lost love ones today. 

Can we please UNITE!


bettyrubbble ilysm ! < 3
Sent by Lamia,Nov 14, 2015

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