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Well being back. Who watches Supernatural? Jul 27, 2017
Heck i guess I will get back in the mess, and Maybe play a few games.  :P  Oh the younger fun years.
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Welcome back from the dead. Jul 27, 2017
Been a while huh?  Oops sorry my bones are with no skin any more.  But listen up.  I need some help.  I was once a very active player.  With good friends who I dont know are still active or not.    Sorry, Alot in my life has happened.  But, I need some help to take down trolls in another game.  This game carries ALOT of drama i remember.  Wanna have some fun?  Take it out on others who think the are the cats meow.  Then message me.
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Anyone from California? May 9, 2016
I am looking to visit Anaheim, California.  Since it is so close to Disney.  I want to get a decent hotel.  As there are SO many.  Since it is not close to the beach.  I was wondering if anyone could give me info on places to stay.  A good room and an outdoor pool is good enough. My nephew has asked me to take him to Minecon, as he works for a company that designs maps.  His tickets are comped. (minecraft) Thanks in advance.....
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Alright Tengaged.... Get into the cyber world.... Mar 21, 2016
Sorry... If you have to add someone to tag them in a post on here... Then they are not doing there job.  Yes I have been inactive, why?  Cuz other sites do it better.  This site rarely gets updates..... "If you want to be "somebody"  be prepared to design or pay real money to get them...Or have the time to spam, or be the 'popular" one to get others to help you out.  Sorry truth be told.  Its fun playing games when you get a good crowd.  Made plenty of friends.  Back in the days...... Now this site is just a who has.... not who plays a good game.... Or then the bullies set in...Or should I say trolls...  This is why I left.  I just came back too see my old friends...
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OMG DId I almost die here? Mar 21, 2016
So I log on in FOREVER.   Some names still look the same.  To those who are still here... REALLY?  Anyway... I think I will shop cuz I have the funds... Ya know image is everything on this site... PFFFT....  Thanks for all the spam mail I got while I was non active... like does anyone look while sending spam these days?  I miss the good Ol' days tbh....

Thankfully the website remembered my info.... ugh.   Maybe not tho.
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Paris.... Nov 14, 2015
Yes please lets send out thoughts and prayers to those who are effected. But, can we please remember the others.  Those in other places who deal with this daily. Most of us wake up under our comfy beds, complain. Please remember, everyone else..... Prayers for all countries who wake up and hope our families live to see another day.

I have many friends here, who live places other than those who are safe.  Been a bit since i blogged.  But reached out to my friends who I got to know here. 

Lets not just try to to get a to blog, just cuz.   Remember all...

And prayers to those who lost love ones today. 

Can we please UNITE!
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