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So this is a blog about the "older TG Users"

1stOct 20, 2013 by BettyRubbble
OK All the "younger" TG users who feel the need to hate on the older aged tengaged members.
Can I just say in defense of myself,  and anyone older than 20+.  I am sick of the old hag comments, sick of you all saying we do not belong here.  Let me add before I get to the real statement.  When I joined TG there were more people my age here.  They got sick of the shit and left.
On that note, We the "older crowd"  Did the high school thing.  We were never home due to having a life.  So if u want to go and bash me cuz of my age.  I ask u.  Why the heck are you all here and not out enjoying your best years?  I own my own home, and can not afford to be out every night.  So if I choose to play a game, and again a GAME on tengaged, its my right!  You are the ones who should be out, and living your life.  NOT on skype and tengaged, sitting being homely!


Now go be the pubecent ones and continue to razz us.  Cuz we don't really care.

*not towards all of tengaged just the ones who comment on t he above factor*

Negs welcome, lol 



Happy birthday :)
Sent by RoughNightBro,Oct 20, 2013
i agree
Sent by andalarew_2231,Oct 20, 2013
i am 18 but i agree
Sent by DaBOMB,Oct 20, 2013
very good point
Sent by Libido,Oct 20, 2013
Sent by Thumper91,Oct 20, 2013
meh, ive seen way more "stupid 12-year olds!!!11!" comments than old hag comments :P
Sent by splozojames50,Oct 20, 2013
splozojames50   its cuz u are not tagged in them!  easy to miss them. and may i add they are more towards the females than the males.
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 20, 2013
Plussed, go you :)
Sent by JeffWinger,Oct 20, 2013
BettyRubbble can you please change the 21 to 20.. I don't like being put into the younger category :(
Sent by NotAfraid,Oct 20, 2013
Sure NotAfraid  it just was a generalization!
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 20, 2013
High respect for you Bettyrubbble

I am not older than 25 years old, but I do respect people and I don't base my judgement on their ages. I base my judgement on their maturity, tho. For an exemple, if a 35 woman is being a bully to some 12 years old kid just because they nom her in a game, I will put her in her place, that's for sure. But if they are polite and nice with me, I don't know why their ages should be a problem. Just keep in mind that a lot of people like you and your age isn't important to them < 33
Sent by Robby297,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by gagaluv,Oct 21, 2013
I totally agree with this
Sent by xoxokiller,Oct 21, 2013
Agreed, and save the drama
Sent by brosky17,Oct 21, 2013
@bettyrubble u old
Sent by Zoeygasms,Oct 21, 2013
FYI   To all those i turned 26 today.....
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 21, 2013
Now that I'm 20 I can totally be all for the older people. Screw the young shits who have barely started puberty
Sent by HelenCoops,Oct 21, 2013
It's funny, with all your ranting and whatnot, you act more immature than the 15 year olds here lol. And it's clear you DO care.

But I do get the point of this blog.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Oct 21, 2013
I agree with you on some level, but just know that you cant judge people on how they use there time, i mean if they are happy to spend so much time on this site, that is there choice. I do agree, young people shouldn't bag out older people its silly. But some people, teenagers, don't go out weekends partying and stuff, i mean most of tengaged are outcasts, we cant all say we are popular enough to go out every week, and i don't believe you should attack them because of it.
Sent by Laughalot,Oct 21, 2013
Bettyrubbble your still a youngster ... :) happy birthday
Sent by Daytime,Oct 21, 2013
Im 19 and i totally get this...  I get called old all the time. Its so strange.
Sent by Pookiie,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by Tommeh208,Oct 21, 2013
same, but i am 20 and out all the time still haha!
Sent by LoveLife,Oct 21, 2013
please don't put me in the same category as 30+ tengagers
Sent by throwaway,Oct 21, 2013
Happy birthday! :)
Sent by Etienne,Oct 21, 2013
agree with Laughalot
Sent by Kaitx,Oct 21, 2013
This blog makes it seem like every user under the age you mentioned says this, when really a lot of old/younger users befriend each other

Plus i'm sure we've all seen the 'stupid insert number 12-15 here' so both sides are wrong
Sent by Anas,Oct 21, 2013
i agreee with this blog!
Sent by KaeEli,Oct 21, 2013
I'm a younger user. Almost 16, but I treat the older gen nicely. Considering 55% of Tengaged players are over 18.
Sent by Billybo10000,Oct 21, 2013
Plussed u slut face
Sent by andychuck08,Oct 21, 2013
Preach it! :)
Sent by Bootsi,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by Playboyy,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by prince_Eric,Oct 21, 2013
i agree just had to see if I was unfiltered x
Sent by prince_Eric,Oct 21, 2013
preach it, BettyRubbble!

and happy birthday! :) i miss teasing you
Sent by dexterie,Oct 21, 2013
you are a goddess
Sent by justwannasayhi,Oct 21, 2013
can I get an amen!? - starts speaks in tongues-
Sent by azanoni,Oct 21, 2013
@bettyrubble im almost 29 and i joined 2 years ago i left cuz of all these younger kids and i came back nothing has changed smh they need to have respect
Sent by ava_adore84,Oct 21, 2013
YOU KNOW I agree with this!! My high school years were some of the best years of my life. Idk why anyone would waste those years on ANY online website.
Sent by bluesapphire,Oct 21, 2013
I'm really glad there weren't websites around like this when I was younger. College was my favorite time, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it playing a game. I'm 28 now, and I look back at those times fondly :)
Sent by princesskk,Oct 21, 2013
When you're older like we are, you spend a lot of time reflecting on your high school / college days.  If i spent them all on tengaged I would be so disappointed with myself.  Those golden years need to be cherished.
Sent by MikePerko,Oct 21, 2013
im an older member of tengaged and i have been very lucky and never had the old hag comment. i have met some lovely people on here, of all ages. but i must agree, when i was a lot younger, i was never at home, although the internet and mobiles phones werent around then, so you had to go out to enjoy yourself!!
Sent by bibbles,Oct 21, 2013
- Just because someone calls you an 'Old-Hag' doesn't make you old, and don't let them get to you. Im 15, and I disagree with some of your statements because you're talking to all the 20- crowd. I personally don't join a game every night, and when I do, it's 13-Post crookies. During the week, we are home, not doing anything, also not affording to go out everynight, because first of all, we can't. (Unless you have parents that really dgaf.) Weekends, several tengagers go out on weekends, (unless you're a 14 yo bamold1999; or a  BBlover96) So please when you are making a blog, refrain from stating, ''OK All the "younger" TG users ''
Sent by Ratchett,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by BBlover96,Oct 21, 2013
ily < 3
Sent by Meyaar,Oct 21, 2013
Eww SO old!
Sent by Zuelke,Oct 21, 2013
I love the fact that many of the main ones I see doing it are the first in line to suck up to Diva1 when they want something...
Sent by NexusCain,Oct 21, 2013
This is why this site should be 18+
Its full of immature little fucks!
Sent by Malphas,Oct 21, 2013
Could not agree more!
Sent by Monomial,Oct 21, 2013
Ratchett i think you may want to re-read the bottom part of this blog where I state

*not towards all of tengaged just the ones who comment on t he above factor*
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 21, 2013
BettyRubbble - Well it's kinda confusing when you say ALL YOUNGER TENGAGERS at the very top of your blog. Revision is necessary.
Sent by Ratchett,Oct 21, 2013
I agree with Robby297

and malphas
the site would then be filled with "immature grown fucks"

I mean c'mon! the 18 and under folks at least have an excuse for being immature,what excuse do the older folks have?
as a matter of fact,i'd(sadly) say that the grown folks are the ones influencing the younger ones to act that way.
Sent by holytouch,Oct 21, 2013
i am 13 and i have no problem with 20+
Sent by Preciousthedog101,Oct 21, 2013
I miss the days when tengaged had an average age of over 12
Sent by black0ut247,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by Rickertude,Oct 21, 2013
I'm in a very complex situation where I may be voted off in this group game I'm playing because I've played a hard game, and the person most likely to win, will target me. Please vote me to win the mystery prize in this game.

Thank you guys for being great friends, and if I can help with anything please let me know :D
Sent by KingKitKat,Oct 21, 2013
LOL Ratchett while your opinion is greatly appreciated.  The sentence says:

OK All the "younger" TG users who feel the need to hate on the older aged tengaged members.

You have to read the entire sentence, not just the first few words.
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 21, 2013
This is completely on point. I don't understand what this site has come to honestly. It's a lot more immature than it used to be lol. I always went out in high school and now I'm just trying to get by in classes lol. Live it up people.
Sent by LuigiTheDude,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by Courtney_,Oct 21, 2013
When I was 13-15 years old, online social networks didn't exist! It's a whole new world which is weird for someone like me, but completely normal to the young'uns.
So when you sit there and ask why these kids are here and not out there, you're forgetting that we didn't get to pick and choose. There wasn't an online social thing (other than AOL) at all!
I understand where you're coming from. However, no one has called me old here, even though being 22 has made me the eldest in the majority of games I've played nowdays.
No one has ever told me that I don't belong here.
Plus, BettyRubbble, you're forgetting that age doesn't show maturity.
I've seen some 13-15 year olds here who are much more well-spoken than some of the people who are my age.
Hence, my respect for fellow Tengagedians is not based on age. XD
Sent by Yoshitomi,Oct 21, 2013
Sent by pacman14,Oct 21, 2013
BettyRubbble so true i am glad someone finally said something
love u betty
Sent by Valdamien,Oct 21, 2013
thank you betty ;) well said
Sent by MontyBurns,Oct 21, 2013
I agree but.. that's an insult to all the young people that are lonely. Step in their shoes. Also, an generation has rights to how they spend their time. ;)
Sent by DaveLooney,Oct 21, 2013
Eh, I'll give you a rare plus just because kids are fucking annoying.  Not all kids, just the 'entitled' ones who think 25 is 'old'.
Sent by GarretStryker,Oct 21, 2013
preach it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by Clayton,Oct 21, 2013
Plussed it girl. LOL I'm 12, and I don't do this. :)
Vote me here please.
Sent by kirbyreedscream,Oct 21, 2013
Get it girl
Sent by Tits_McGee,Oct 21, 2013
i love you!
Sent by tommyboy614,Oct 21, 2013
DaveLooney  people are forgetting that this blog is not out to insult all of the young tenagaged crowd.  Just those who feel the need to hop on my blogs, and tell me that I am too old for this site. And continue to say the older generation as a whole, how no business being here.
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 21, 2013
most of the "old" people are just as immature as the "young" people, so this makes no sense to me.
Sent by heatherbear,Oct 21, 2013
heatherbear  this is my opinion, not speaking for every "old" person here or "young" person here.  Just speaking on how I feel, as you just did.

I respect everyone's opinion whether i agree or disagree.
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 21, 2013
not to mention i have been a member for over 5 years...hence me being young when i joined :P
Sent by MarkiePoo,Oct 21, 2013

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