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Blood vrs Water Opinions pls.....

Oct 9, 2013 by BettyRubbble
I dunno how to feel.  Brad was one of those players you love to hate, or.... Someone you wanted to support...   TBH I dunno how I feel about tonights episode.

Help me sort this out, opinions pls....



Ciera was amazing
Gervase is growing on me
Tyson is growing on me
Laura M was amazing
Caleb was amazing
Hayden was amazing
Vytas was amazing

Id say this was amazing  :D
Sent by Fern111,Oct 9, 2013
Amazing Ep!
Brad is finally out and Candice and John stay!
Queen Candice
Sent by PaulParmar,Oct 9, 2013
TBH i think Hayden is even hotter than in BB!
Sent by BettyRubbble,Oct 9, 2013
OMG! Hayden is so sexy
Sent by PaulParmar,Oct 9, 2013
BettyRubbble keep in mind that they can't always have great hygiene but man! I am straight and I have a crush on Hayden!
Sent by tdiloka,Oct 10, 2013

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