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Tengaged The Challenge S1E3

Jan 20, 2016 by Avatar20
Welcome guys to Episode Three of Tengaged's The Challenge Season One!
#01. Red; Ethan - Ethan000 // Scott - Piddu
#03. Yellow; Jason - jasoncutie7542 // Chris - Carraid73
#04. Gray; Mia - Maya10 // Kelsie - crush
#05. White; Billy - Rocketokid13 // Dan - Awesome2210
#06. Black; Amy - amylou8251 // Vanessa - iGoddess
#07. Green; Kyle - kkoster001 // Brian - kokidd
#09. Lime Green; Mike - Midknight3baby // Nick - Archerskyfire
#10. Purple; Presley - kinggeek // Victoria - Espontaneo
Welcome to Avatar20's first ever The Challenge! Here 20 contestants will be playing for a whopping 125K for first place, 70K for second, and 15K for third. They will be divided into pairs and have to go through challenge by challenge and win to try and save themselves from elimination. If you win one challenge, you will be immune from that week, and will be able to pick the order the players compete at the next challenge. This will happen until the final challenge where the final 3 pairs will duke it out for the title Winner of The Challenge Season One! It's gonna be a wild ride so let's get this party started! 20 contestants, 10 pairs, 1 pair winners.
--Recap on last episode is viewed; Intro plays shortly after:

--Contestants gather in The War Zone area and the nominated contestants (Becca and Sky//Presley and Victoria) join TJ in the arena area; After TJ explains the challenge, they compete in a speed competition resulting in Team Purple to overcome Team Teal--
~Becca and Sky say their final goodbyes and walk out with their heads held high

Sky's Confessional: Wow this challenge journey has been a fantastic wild ride and I'm so ready for future experiences!

Becca's Confessional: You know what? Even though me and Sky were eliminated super early in this game, I feel like this was a huge learning experience physically and mentally and I hope that there's more to come!

--Day Change; Contestants wake up and go about themselves-
~Scott, Vanessa, Amy, and Ethan rejoice that their number one rivals were out of the game, and plan their next move
~Jason wakes up early to make the house breakfast

Jason's Confessional: You see, I'm the kind of guy that likes to mellow out all of the drama. I like to be cordial and nice..I thought it would be 'nice' to make some breakfast for the house to boost some morale.

~Brian angrily confronts Vanessa and Amy about turning the house on Team Teal, which makes Team Black want to target Team Green

Vanessa's Confessional: If this little bitch wants to get in me and Amy's face, then prepared to face the consequences!

Brian's Confessional:  Honestly I'm just super pissed Becca left, I wish I had time to get to know her and possibly form something *frowns slightly*

~Kyle and Dan go for some morning and bond over some flirting
~Presley decides to show her true self and spend the morning walking around the house naked

Presley's Confessional: I don't give a shit who judges me about me wanting to wear my birthday suit..but I'm proud of my flawless ass body and I plan to keep it that way *snaps*

Victoria's Confessional: Honestly my partner is stupid *face palms*

--Contestants go about their way for the rest of the day and later that night throw a costume strip party--
~Ethan, Scott, Vanessa, Kelsie, Mia, Mike, Presley and Brian play never have I ever, but instead of drinking they strip clothing
~Scott and Vanessa get super drunk and make out and end up hooking up in one of the outside bed lofts
~Kelsie confronts Mike about his flirtations with Mia which ends up in a huge drunk fight, and results in Mike ending things with Kelsie

Kelsie's Confessional: That drunk man molester whore can go suck d*** for all I care! *cries and wipes her eyes*

~Chris makes a rude comment about Victoria's past doing nude videos which ends up in a heated argument between Chris, Victoria, and Nick

Victoria's Confessional: Do I hate that I put nude videos of myself out there? Hell yeah! But I don't need this shit from probably the most hated person in the house!

Nick's Confessional: That dude needs to leave! He's causing drama in the house and it's just extremely stupid at this point.

Chris's Confessional: I can fucking say my opinion if I want to, and I don't care what these losers think of me. They mean shit to me.

~Dan and Kyle go for a late night swim and embrace in their first kiss
~Late at night when everyone's asleep, Chris takes Nick and Victoria's laundry and luggage and hides it discreetly

--Day Change; Contestants wake up and begin to get ready for the next challenge--

Victoria's Confessional: So..I wake up in the morning and all my shit is gone....and I'm like oh my fuck where is it?!

~Nick and Victoria frantically look for the rest of their clothing and cause arguments with other contestants to see who took them

Amy's Confessional: Um, sorry you lost your shit girlie? But I dunno what to tell you..maybe keep track of it? *makes a face*

Chris's Confessional: As I said...don't fuck with me.

--The Contestants gather at the challenge area and take places in the stands and greet TJ--
TJ; Welcome guys to your third challenge! This challenge is called "Puzzle Prize". You and your partner must run to each of the five stations you see and solve a puzzle..complete the puzzle, and your team will get 1/5 artifacts that will help you solve the final puzzle and become the next Power Team. Lose and you will be able to be nominated at the next meeting. Understand? Alright let's see whatcha got!
--The challenge begins and the Teams begin running to different stations and completing puzzles, some teams struggle but others come out on top; challenge ends and contestants gather for the results--
TJ; Alright..I was very impressed on your guy's performances today! You guys kicked some ass and that's what I like to see. The team that kicked ass the most and our new power couple is....Jason and Chris! *claps with the other teams smiling*
~Chris and Jason smile and hug each other excited

Chris's Confessional: Hey I may be an ass that people think is dumb as a bag of rocks.. but I'm a legend when it comes to puzzles..none of these other bitches will come close to out "puzzling" me.

Jason's Confessional: WOO I'm so ecstatic at our win! It proves that we have what it takes to keep in this game and win it, so even though I hate my partner very much..I think we have what it takes to win this.

--The contestants head back to the mansion and congratulate Team Yellow on their win--
~Chris and Jason individually talk to each team and try to decide who they want to nominate to go into the War Zone
~Mike begins to flirt with Mia again and the two tease each other in front of the other house members

Vanessa's Confessional: I honestly see Mike as a major threat in this game.. he's stringing these two girls on by a thread and it's super sketchy to even think about keeping him in the game

~Amy and Vanessa approach, Scott, Ethan, Chris and Jason about taking out putting up Mike and Nick; The groups agree and solidify a Final 6 alliance

Ethan's Confessional: Do I really see this alliance working out?, it always is great to solidify for yourself for a couple more eliminations.

~Presley snoops around and finds Nick and Victoria's clothing and luggage which leaves Nick and Victoria believing Presley was the thief

Nick's Confessional: Really? Presley is so fake..I can see right through her lies..she probably got bored and thought it was funny to take our stuff and then she decided to give it back. I can't stand the petty shit in this house.

Victoria's Confessional: Bitch, about stay of my fucking shit

~Presley, Nick and Victoria have a heated argument which annoys the rest of the house

--Later in the day the contestants gather in the living room for the nomination meeting and are greeted by TJ--

TJ; Alright, let's get to it. Jason and Chris you guys won power which pair do you nominate to battle it out in The War Zone

Jason; Well we've thought pretty hard about this but we're just going to go with the best decision for the house..soo we vote Mike and Nick

--Mike and Nick get up and head over next to TJ; Mike flips off Jason and Chris--

Mike's Confessional: I don't know what the hell kind of game Jason and Chris are playing..but it's extremely dumb. There's way bigger fucking threats in this house!

TJ; Alright guys now it's time to vote so let's get to it.

--The contestants resume the meeting and begin to vote; The vote ends up being a 2-1-1-1 vote sending in Billy and Dan into the War Zone; Billy and Dan walk up next to TJ--

TJ; So, we have Billy and Dan facing off against Jason and Chris in the elimination tomorrow, should be good! See you guys tomorrow!

--The contestants disperse and go about their way--
~Billy and Dan begin to pack and talk over strategy on what they should do to win
~Mike angrily confronts Jason and Chris about their decision to send them into the War Zone

Jason's Confessional: Come on dude it's just a game? You should have sort of seen this coming...

~The argument turns into a fight which Ethan and Brian try to break up; Chris eggs on Mike and Mike pushes Chris hard, and Chris falls on an innocent bystander, Amy; Amy hits her head hard on a nearby wall and blacks out and some blood runs down her head

--Camera pans to ambulances rushing to the mansion and sirens can be heard; Camera flashes to different contestants frantic faces--

Who will win the elimination challenge between Team Lime Green and Team White? And is Amy okay after a nasty accident? Find out next time on Tengaged The Challenge!


10th; Orange - Alexis and Julie ( pilatesgrl & rain848 )
  9th; Teal - Becca and Sky ( beccajo16 & skyler1822 )

(( hope you liked today's episode! I try and post these when I can :) comment your thoughts and if you'd like to be tagged! ))


I'm the only one not apart of a couple :P
Sent by jasoncutie7542,Jan 20, 2016
OMG @ that shocking ending! But I am LOLing at Piddu being my partner. I don't hate you bro, we'd probably end up even doing well together.
Sent by Ethan000,Jan 20, 2016
Nope Jason me neither lol
Sent by Rocketokid13,Jan 21, 2016
Smh I just entered and I'm boutta leave! Also Dan & Kyle for America's fav couple
Sent by awesome2210,Jan 21, 2016
Omg I'm gonna die lol
Sent by amylou8251,Jan 21, 2016
I can't even Amy my team mate is still gonna participate even if she's in a coma!
Sent by iGoddess,Jan 21, 2016
Sent by amylou8251,Jan 21, 2016

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