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Quarantine Mar 20, 2020
bored as shit and on my 3rd day in lockdown. any fun new survivor or RPG game suggestions to join? :o
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Real Talk.. Feb 11, 2018
I’m really done with Survivor and Big Brother hosts constantly inviting me and spamming my mails with invitations to apply for their game, but when the casting comes ... they DONT even cast me!

Next time, please make sure you actually want me in your game before deciding to message me, thanks.
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Big Brother 19 is a joke .. Jul 23, 2017
Why are all of these players playing into Paul's game when they should be thinking of targeting him soon? Literally the production didn't pick the brightest cast for this season.

Also all of this seasons's twists don't fit the category @ all of being game changing/temptation/revenge

They're just the producers way of keeping the show mildly entertaining, but it just looks kind of fake :x
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Back from break! Dec 30, 2016
Not for good, just for this time period when I'm not busy! Being off this site has allowed me to have so much more free time on my hands!

p. s. plz stop the mails asking about wanting my account, because my account isn't one to be given or shared. thank you!
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Goodbye Tengaged! Aug 24, 2016
I've lasted on this site a good 3 1/2 years, and I think that's good enough for me! I've started my senior year of high school & I'm getting busier by the moment with college applications/auditions and my own classwork as well as extracurricular activities. Also, helping my mom with her fall wedding and planning my AP European History class trip/vacation to Europe.

I'm happy to say that I experienced very loving moments on the site, and they will for sure be ones that I will definitely remember. The friends I made on here will definitely not soon be forgotten so thank you tengaged for that!

On the flip side, I'm very sad to see what certain things on this site has become. It's become more of a chore for me to log onto, and I thought that it shouldn't feel that way on a personal level. I do quite miss tengaged how it used to be, but sadly I can see this site coming to an end sooner or later [w/o mods and such].

Anywho, these are my final goodbyes, and I hope that each and every person that I've encountered and befriended has a full, successful, and meaningful life in the future!

#LiveLaughLove !

*I will be making final appearances on certain RPG - groups as well.

If you'd like to contact me, do so in the information below!;
Kik + Snapchat + Skype; nickashton413

*[tagging anyone who will be interested - sorry in advanced if youre not tagged!]
ps; tags aren't working apparently .. so yeah, oops.

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I hope Paulie suffocates in the Jury House Aug 14, 2016
7:00 PM BBT – Paulie says he’ll quit Jury house if it looks like there’s no returning Juror. Nicole says Cody wouldn’t want him to do that. Paulie now claims he has severe claustrophobia that would prevent him from staying in the Jury house (as compared to the BB house?).
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