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Tengaged The Challenge S1E1

Jan 16, 2016 by Avatar20
Alright, so I have decided to do a Tengaged Blog version of the hit tv show The Challenge! I have randomly picked different Tengagers to play contestants. :) Enjoy!

#01. Red; Ethan - Ethan000 // Scott - Piddu
#02. Teal; Rebecca - beccajo16 // Sky - Skyler1822
#03. Yellow; Jason - jasoncutie7542 // Chris - Carraid73
#04. Gray; Mia - Maya10 // Kelsie - crush
#05. White; Billy - Rocketokid13 // Hayden - kilikfanof2mrow
#06. Black; Amy - amylou8251 // Vanessa - iGoddess
#07. Green; Kyle - kkoster001 // Brian - kokidd
#08. Orange; Julie - rain848 // Alexis - pilatesgrl
#09. Lime Green; Mike - Midknight3baby // Nick - Archerskyfire
#10. Purple; Presley - kinggeek // Victoria - Espontaneo
Welcome to Avatar20's first ever The Challenge! Here 20 contestants will be playing for a whopping 125K for first place, 70K for second, and 15K for third. They will be divided into pairs and have to go through challenge by challenge and win to try and save themselves from elimination. If you win one challenge, you will be immune from that week, and will be able to pick the order the players compete at the next challenge. This will happen until the final challenge where the final 3 pairs will duke it out for the title Winner of The Challenge Season One! It's gonna be a wild ride so let's get this party started! 20 contestants, 10 pairs, 1 pair winners.

--Contestants walk in and arrive into the War Zone which is the elimination arena for this season; Host TJ Lavin greets them--
TJ; Sup guys! Glad to see all of you, this season of the challenge is gonna be a wild and bumpy ride so hold on tight! This season you each will be working in pairs as already stated above. You guys will play in each the challenge and you're immune from elimination and being voted by your fellow competitors. Lose..well you might be competeting in this season's elimination arena....the War Zone. If you're ultimately in last place, you will immediately competing in the War Zone. If you lose in the war zone, you will be heading second chances guys! There will be only one pair that can win..there will not be separate payments by gender pairs. Alright, you can head out to your dig!
--Contestants clap and begin to head to the 'Castle Themed' mansion house clapping and cheering; The camera pans to contestants laughing rushing to grab bunks in different bunk beds--

Kelsie's Confessional: Oh my god! I totally can't believe I'm in this house! It's makes me feel like a fairy tale! I definitely plan on getting my prince *winks*

Brian's Confessional: Hell I'm so glad to get started, I'm ready to get that pay check. Leo seems like he can prove himself in challenges so let's hope I'm not wrong.

Rebecca's Confessional: Hi guys! I'm Becca! I'm really glad to be here, this money can do a lot for me and I just hope me and my partner can pull this one off!

Presley's Confessional: Hey Bitches! So excited to be in this fucking house *flips my weave* The guys are hot as hell and i'm just ready to have fun, fuck around and win that cash money.

--Different people disperse and talk amongst themselves and socialize--
~Amy and Vanessa both talk strategy and gameplan going into the next challenge.
~Ethan, Scott, Jason and Chris all play a good game of basketball

Jason's Confessional: Why did I get stuck with the un athletic player for a partner.. I dunno where this Chris guy came from but he's just going to hinder our team from winning in the future..*sighs*

~Alexis and Presley get super drunk and get into an aggressive fight after Presley judges her past life choices. Mike helps split the fight while Hayden calms them both down.

Alexis's Confessional: I know this bitch didn't just try to tell me how to live my fucking life. Does this bitch know who she's fucking with?

~Mike gets Kelsie super drunk in which results to them hooking up. Mia finds out, and does not approve.

Mia's Confessional: I'm sorry skank? Aka my partner... but literally this is the first night and you're already hooking up with this douchebag? Um, I'm so done. Kelsie is getting distracted from the game and letting this guy play her like a fucking fiddle...shit.

--Day Change; The contestants get ready for the challenge and put on their jersey's; Camera pans in showing the challenge obstacles and then the contestants walking up to the challenge area; Camera shows TJ--
TJ; Welcome to your first challenge rookies! Today we will be competing in the challenge called "Hold on Tight". One of you guys will be hanging from a line over the water, while your partner is on a ledge in front of you. Your partner must run and jump, while latching onto you. If you lose grip and fall into the water, you will be out of the challenge. Last team standing is the winners, and you will be immune. Ready? Let's get it *blows horn*
--1st Round Eliminations; Gray, Orange, Black and White. 2nd Round Eliminations; Purple--

Chris's Confessional: Yes! Jason and I are so far doing fairly well in this game and i'm glad we haven't flopped yet. I think people will definitely underestimate me in this game for my non active look, but they gotta another thing coming.

--3rd Round Elimiinations; Lime Green and Yellow. 4th Round Eliminations; Orange--

Sky's Confessional: Y'know I think Becca and I are a great team. We work well together and both of us our strong competitors. I think we could definitely pull this one off!

--5th Round eliminates Red Team and declares Teal Team the winners--
~Becca and Sky cheer and squeal hugging each other
~Scott and Ethan shake their heads annoyed and disappointed by their loss

Scott's Confessional; Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! We almost got it! Becca and Sky just put a target on their backs for sure.

--The contestants leave the challenge and head back to the mansion. People disperse and do their own thing--
~Becca and Sky discuss who they think they should nominate to go into the War Zone
~Ethan, Scott, Vanessa and Amy discuss the game and form an alliance, and agree to target Becca and Sky next challenge
~Kelsie stalks Mike most of the day and believes she's love struck for him. Mike tries to avoid her
~Nick and Victoria begin to have playful flirtations

Nick's Confessional: Ahh, things are going great. Y'know Victoria is a nice girl. She's hot and i'd like to get to know her better but I don't wanna get distracted from the game.

--Contestants gather in the living lounge of the house as TJ arrives--
TJ; Hey guys! Aight, let's get this thing on a roll..Becca and Sky, you guys are the winners, so who'd you like to nominate into the War Zone?
Becca: This was a very.. hard decision. But we had to go with a pair we thought was very strong and we were just looking out for our game so... Ethan and Scott we vote you.
--Ethan and Scott angrily walk up to the front with TJ--

Ethan's Confessional: I'm fucking livid...that bitch!

TJ; Alright so now you guys have to vote on a consensus on who you want to go against Ethan and Scott. So who's it gonna be?

--The contestants converse and argue but check in their votes and send in Julie and Alexis (Orange #08) by a 5-3 vote--

Julie's Confessional: This is the worst possible thing that could happen. You think you have a good relationship with somebody, but instead things fall to shit! *begins to cry*

~Contestants disperse after the nomination meeting
~Ethan, Scott, Becca and Sky get into a heated argument over nominations. Vanessa and Amy come to Ethan and Scott's aid while also dogging out Becca and Sky
~Alexis and Julie begin packing and arguing over stress of losing the upcoming elimination challenge

--The contestants gather in the War Zone and the nominated contestants compete in a puzzle based elimination challenge; Ethan and Scott end up coming out on top sending home Alexis and Julie--
~Julie passes out after crying from her loss and medics evacuate her from the scene. Alexis is sent off shortly after

Scott's Confessional: Fuck yea! That's what i'm talking about! Sky and Becca will be sorry they even fucked with us.

--TJ sends the contestants home and they disperse into their own activities--
~Nick and Victoria share their first playful kiss
~Sky cries after getting ganged up on by Vanessa and Scott. Becca comforts her
~Mike begins to flirt with Mia, which angers her partner Kelsie and the two get into a heated argument

10th: Orange - Alexis and Julie

(( hope you guys liked the first episode! comment plz if you want to be tagged in the next episode :) ))


uh uh my name is aj but work!!!
Sent by KingGeek,Jan 16, 2016
lmfao at me and ethan being partners. he hates my guts. is this rivals
Sent by Piddu,Jan 16, 2016
sorry Kinggeek LOL wanted you to play a bomb ass girl this season
Sent by Avatar20,Jan 16, 2016
Tag me!
Sent by jasoncutie7542,Jan 16, 2016
#darkhorse BILLY FTW!!
Sent by Rocketokid13,Jan 17, 2016
Oh cool! I liked this
Sent by Espontaneo,Jan 17, 2016

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